Simply put, Vorsteiner is one of those tuning companies that excite you. Their current lineup of aftermarket carbon-fiber body parts and wheels aim for one goal: to enhance an already dynamic vehicle. For example, their BMW F8X aero tuning program has raised quite a few eyebrows when it was unveiled. Gearing up for the 2014 SEMA Show, they are working hard on presenting their range of products, where most are BMW oriented.

Currently developing their Vorsteiner GTRS4 Widebody Aero Program for a BMW F82 M4, the California-based company has perfectly combined the wide-looking body kits with utmost quality and perfect fitment.

Vorsteiner Builds For Sema 2014 629x750

Accompanied by high-quality wheels, made with BMW applications at hand, the selection for a BMW owner gets better. Currently, their GTRS4 program is in development, and earlier we showed you a small insight into their design process at their California facility.

Spread around the event space, their showcase includes several examples of BMW M cars, all adorned with various instances of their products, combined with some other high-performance aftermarket parts from other companies.

The tuning list includes several BMW F80 M3s, M4s and a BMW F12 M6 as well – everything from carbon fiber aero parts, all the way to wheels, suspension, exhaust system upgrades, engine performance upgrades and high-performance tires.

See the gallery below for some of those exciting cars to be displayed next week in Las Vegas:

vorsteiner bmw m4 tuning 11 750x491