Top 5 BMWs Under $10,000 – October 2014

Interesting | October 23rd, 2014 by 2
1989 BMW 6Series 750x500

The million dollar question we had here at BMWBLOG was how much fun can we have in a $10,000 car? Specifically, a BMW. This price …

The million dollar question we had here at BMWBLOG was how much fun can we have in a $10,000 car? Specifically, a BMW.

This price point is often considered a psychological border, a magic number some may call it, therefore endless lists of Best Cars To Buy Under $10,000 pop-up everywhere.

A $10,000 or less, BMW gives you the right package where you don’t worry about every scratch, bump or sound coming from your weekend ride. Or even a daily driver. It allows you to have fun and not worry about anything.

Most of these cars are bought to soothe the interest of a car guy yearning for something different. Whether you are in your mid-twenties and are looking for that illusive BMW E30 325i you always day dreamed about when you were a kid, or a young professional who’s sole fixation was the E39 M5 – it’s all the same. What is different however, it’s the level of preservation, quality and overall shape your vehicle can be in.

Some people will disregard any bodywork damage. Some may require a pristine exterior. Others will simply want something that runs for a few days each month and not worry about it. Desired price range? We’d say $10,000 for sure! It’s just the right amount of money to have fun, not spend too much and it doesn’t let you that easy a crack pipe on eBay as well.

So, what can be found for $10,000 when searching for a BMW in that price range on eBay? We’ve prepared a top 5 BMWs of what we’d buy for our fun time Ultimate Driving Machine!

5. 2000 BMW M5 4dr Sedan

BMW E39 M5 750x499

This BMW E39 M5 Sedan comes with some Dinan upgrades, has decent mileage and looks well kept from the outside. You get navigation inside, somewhat tacky looking wood trim and those gorgeous sports seats installed. Price for this? Only $9,900 so we’re under the desired price range limit!

4. 2004 Alpine White BMW M3 SMG

2004 Alpine White BMW M3 SMG

This cabriolet is perfect for guys looking to get their hands dirty a bit! This 2004 Alpine White BMW M3 Convertible with SMG is a vehicle that requires some work. Front left wheels and the adjourning mechanical items need repair, but overall, this is a BMW M3 in working condition. Price is just $9,995 for this fine machine.

3. 2007 BMW 5-Series 525i xDrive

2007 BMW 5-Series 525i xDrive

Want to get an all-wheel drive BMW with six-cylinders, over 200 horsepower that comes with a ton of options? This is your chance, because this E60 5 Series is in great condition and comes with a few extra check marks on the ordering list too. Price is just $9,950!

2. 1965 BMW 1800Ti

BMW 1800Ti

This 1965 BMW 1800Ti may be the weekend project you have been waiting for! This car is a survivor car that was found in a barn in Ohio in 2009 where it was purchased from the original owner by a restorer/collector in Georgia. The current owner obtained the car from the Georgia owner, which makes him the third driver to own this car.

The seller says the car has to be sold because he has too many car projects and needs to make some room in his garage. From what we see, the BMW 1800Ti needs minor exterior body work. Price is $9,000, not bad for a classic BMW!

1. 1989 BMW 6 Series

1989 BMW 6Series

Now call me old fashioned, but this is what I would get! This 1989 BMW 6-Series needs no further explain’ at all! Grab your PayPal account, head over to eBay and get yourself one cool “shark”!