Alpine White BMW M6 With BBS RI-D Wheels

Tuning | October 19th, 2014 by 1
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Car culture is defined by the love of everything that moves, screams and propels a human being faster than we are capable by our own two feet. It knows no boundaries, it knows no nations or religion in any way. It spreads across the globe entirely.

With this in mind, it’s not hard to imagine car loving people residing in the Republic of Indonesia – a set of islands with over 250,000 million inhabitants. With that much people, there’s bound to be BMW owners somewhere!

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This Alpine White BMW F13 M6 is owned by a customization-oriented owner which you will notice from the first instance you see this build. It’s clean and looks rather impressive with the newly installed mods. This BMW M6 also shows how different drivers are, provided that the parts installed are somewhat similar but also differ in a lot of ways.

The most prominent aspect of this Alpine White beauty are the wheels. A lightweight and gorgeous setup, a perfect way to both reduce the unsprung weight and also enhance the overall exterior of the vehicle. Yes, the wheels installed are the beautiful (and very light) and fitting BBS RI-D wheels. These are some of the lightest wheels in the market available for BMW and other car brands. They feature a monoblock layout and are produced in Japan by Washi Beam using a special 7000 series alloy that helps make this wheel as light and strong as possible. Price point is around $2,000 each. But they are light, really light that is!

M6ece 750x501

With the wheels handled, it’s time to further enhance the braking system. This is done by a gorgeous orange painted Brembo big brake kit, providing the face planting braking performance.

Alpine White BMW M6 With BBS Wheels

The car also features a Vorsteiner rear diffuser, RKP front lip and a KW Sleeve kit to further lower the vehicle. The car does look extremely fast and agile, while the newly installed BBS wheels look amazing against the white exterior of the vehicle.

Alpine White BMW M6 With BBS Wheels

Finally this BMW M6 received a complete Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System with a Supersprint downpipe, a cold air intake and it was ready to go!

Thanks to Charles Johnson from Hawk and Poke we have a chance to review the final look of this BMW M6 project in the gallery down below.

Alpine White BMW M6 With BBS Wheels

Alpine White BMW M6 With BBS Wheels

Alpine White BMW M6 With BBS Wheels