Previous generation BMW M6 is a tried and tested vehicle, both its design and performance aspects have been thouroughly dissected numerous times already. One could even say it’s a well known face that’s slowly starting to show its age in some areas.

While that may be an overstatement – considering the model’s gorgeous design features – the fact that it’s not a brand new model still stands. Perfect timing for aftermarket wheel companies, isn’t it? The same process has been applied over and over, resulting in achieving perfection in some instances.

BMW M6 ADV5 0MV2CS 02 750x500

Featured here is a BMW M6 with a set of aftermarket custom forged wheels from ADV.1. With a mind blowing photoshoot by William Stern Photography detailing every small part of this vehicle and its new wheel setup, it is a real treat for customization afficionados in every way.

BMW M6 ADV5 0MV2CS 00 750x500

Wheels displayed here are sized 21×9.5 inches in the front and 21×11 inches in the rear. They are the ADV5 MV.2 CS wheels with a two-piece construction used and taking best from both monoblocks and three-piece wheels to form a distinctive design. The front face of a monoblock wheel is combined with additional options like showing fasteners and more width sizing from the three-piece wheels as well.

BMW M6 With ADV.1 Wheels Photoshoot

For more images of this beautiful photoshoot, please take a look at the gallery we added below.

BMW M6 With ADV.1 Wheels Photoshoot

BMW M6 With ADV.1 Wheels Photoshoot