G12 BMW 7 Series Spied In Germany

7 Series | October 9th, 2014 by 0
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Spy photos of the G12 BMW 7 Series are coming today from Germany. The long-wheelbase version of the next generation 7 Series was once again spotted with the usual psychedelic camouflage which continues to hides the fine design details.

After falling behind in sales compared to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW is going all-in with their flagship model. Not only the design will be sportier and sleeker, but the luxury sedan loses quite a bit of weight as well.

Earlier this year, we reported on BMW’s plans to launch a new rear-wheel drive platform by 2016. Dubbed “35up”, the new platform will debut alongside the next generation 7 Series.

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The platform will be used for both rear-wheel drive and xDrive vehicles and mixes high-strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.

BMW says the G11 BMW 7 Series will make use of modern materials with a lot of carbon fiber. The high-end limousine will set new luxury-class standards not only in terms of lightweight construction, but also in driving dynamics.

With the new G11/G12 platform, BMW managed to shed some weight off the previous 7 Series models.

The weight of the base 740i model is said to dramatically drop below the 1900kg kerb weight.

bmw 7 series g12 c688609102014103153 2 750x562

Under the hood it will receive a wide array of six-cylinder, V8 and V12 mills, along with inline-six diesels.

BMW 7 Series G11 and G12 will be presented at Frankfurt Auto Show in 2015.


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