BMW to hire Ferrari’s chief engineer

News | October 8th, 2014 by 2
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Automotive News reports that Ferrari’s former technical director, Roberto Fedeli, will join BMW. A BMW spokesman confirmed the move by refrained from specifying his role within the company.

BMW has hired , for an as-yet unspecified role, the German automaker said today Fedeli will join the BMW Group in November, “but we currently can’t say what his role will be,” a BMW spokesman told Automotive News Europe.

A Ferrari spokesman confirmed Fedeli’s departure as of September 13 and mentioned that his resignation was not linked to the departure of Ferrari’s long-time chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

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Fedeli has been with Ferrari since 1988 and has been responsible for the engineering of all Ferrari cars since 2007. His most recent model is the limited production LaFerrari gasoline-electric hybrid super car.

Automotive News speculates that Fedeli is expected to use his expertise within the M Performance division or with Rolls Royce.