Not everyone loves the matte/frozen colors that BMW has been selling for the last few years. While the factory ones seem to be accepted more than the ones owners come up with, it’s always a hit or miss if the color looks great on that particular BMW model.

But the matte black shown here, we believe it fits perfectly the elegant BMW 5 Series. The project was done by Need4Speed Motorsports and the F10 5 Series features a matte black wrap, a nice drop and a set of Vossen Wheels installed as well.

The exterior design also received a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, side skirts and a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

Overall, it’s a classy and clean looking 5 Series.

Matte Black BMW 5 Series On Vossen Wheels 13 750x498

BMW F10 5 Series was designed by Jacek Fröhlich and it was one of the first BMW models to showcase the new design language after Chris Bangle left the company.  With a more prominent upright split kidney grille and the absence of the “Bangle butt” rear-end styling of its E60 predecessor,  the F10 5 Series is already selling in record numbers for BMW. The F10 shares a platform with the BMW 7 Series (F01) and has been described as a downsized 7 Series in contrast to its E60 predecessor which was regarded as an upsized 3 Series.

Improvements over the E60-generation 5 Series include a front dual ball joint short-long arm suspension, and rear multi-link suspension, making it more refined but heavier. While the E60 had an aluminum front chassis structure from firewall forward (which provided perfect balance but was expensive to repair), the F10 has returned to the conventional steel monocoque. Styling is apparently more business oriented and the entire visual aspect of the car is clean and sleek, adding to the well perceived notion of the 5 Series as the premium business sedan for executives.

Matte Black BMW 5 Series On Vossen Wheels 3 750x498

Please take a look at the media gallery below and let us know what you think of it.

Matte Black BMW 5 Series On Vossen Wheels

Matte Black BMW 5 Series On Vossen Wheels

Matte Black BMW 5 Series On Vossen Wheels