The timing is perfect: new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just came out, so it’s rather interesting that we remember how things looked back in 2004.

It was the first time BMW introduced a seamless integration of their entertainment system with the iPod, the hottest thing at the time since, well, a CD player. It’s a showcase of how fast technology changes and by using a BMW 3 Series that provides a full control of your iPod from the steering wheel, a complete music collection was placed under your fingertips.

It shows how clever were both the iPod and BMW solutions for that particular device. Today we take these things for granted, use them daily and connect through Bluetooth wirelessly.

Back then, it was a different story.

Some will argue that simplicity was key then and many have loved that compared to today’s devices. Single line user interface showing you the artist and song title. Plug it in, browse it and use it, was all that was needed.

But technology moves forward and BMW has to and is keeping up with the latest trends in consumer devices by making them compatible (sometimes with a delay) with their iDrive system.

Now we have different distractions while driving and that could pose an issue for some people. Is that enough reason to stop progress? Generation Y is all for latest and greatest gadgets, while some old schoolers like things that just work.

Regardless of what your preference currently is, the video below is a great flashback and even though it’s only ten years old, it seems from a different era.