The North American website for BMW has been redesigned! It’s great news for U.S. based customers as the new site offers an enriched experience into the world of BMW automobiles, options and information. The new website looks sleak, clean and provides a better user experience for both desktop and mobile users.

It allows a quicker and easier way to navigate through models, it works faster than the old one and you can easily access all the features needed, specially on a mobile phone browser.

BMW USA Website Redesign 01 750x438

All the models are now accessed not by the model name, but by vehicle body style. You can either access all models, or select sedans, coupes, convertibles, SAVs and sports wagons for example. You can also diversify the selection by selecting the fuel used: diesel, hybrid, electric. This is an easier way to select all models based on your preferences where the selection is straightforward, based on logical assumptions of body lines and engine fuel used.

BMW USA Website Redesign 02 750x443

BMW USA now offers an easier configuration procedure on their site as well, simplifying the way that customers can build their own cars. You simply select the vehicle series, then continue to selecting the engines, equipment, exterior and interior optional lines, additional optional equipment, colors and everything else.

The whole build procedure has also been simplified and you can switch between different configurations right on the spot, without the need to start over again or select different parts all over. The build procedure also provides useful information on payments, delivery and other info you may require.

BMW USA Website Redesign Go to and check out the update.