The next generation BMW 6 Series takes shape – What do we know so far?

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The longtime BMW insider Scott26/27 is back again with some new updates on future BMW products. Known for his fairly accurate early-on reports, the BMW …

The longtime BMW insider Scott26/27 is back again with some new updates on future BMW products. Known for his fairly accurate early-on reports, the BMW insider lays out some details around the next generation BMW 6 Series due out in 2019.

Before we launch into the rumors, let’s lay out some things up front. Knowing the BMW design cycle, the next generation 6 Series is most likely at this point in the sketching phase, maybe moving into the clay models phase. Some of the things laid out below may change as well and essentially no one outside of the BMW design team, some engineers and the BMW board know where the new 6 Series is heading towards.

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Also some design cues explained by Scott26/27 can also be easily deducted by looking at the current BMW trends and some concept models.

With these being said, let’s dive in the original text.

There are several ideas on where to take the 6er visually and there is a lot of ideas being communicated in the design process. Some ideas are progressing ideas showcased within recent concepts. Some can be interpreted as the Vision Future Luxury turned into a smaller mid-sized Coupe but with a more dynamic roofline and shallow glasshouse which creates problems but offers other solutions for a Gran Coupe model.

The outline remains as sport-orientated as it can be rounded and very sleek incorporating some ideas from the recent 4er Coupe which its stretched roofline puts the C-pillar just behind the rear wheels and allows a short rear overhang. Some suggest it looks as dynamic as an Aston Martin.

Front kidney grilles could be upturned as a reverse from standard BMWs. Or as some ideas suggest shaping the grilles to be octagonal like the wings of Darth Vader’s TIE-Fighter.

The headlights can be ultra slim or a sharper evolution from today’s car utilising a reverse of the forthcoming L shaped headlights. Compared to today’s car there is a more sharper contrast within the styling , organic rounded lines making way for sharper technical edges and a visual look to the more angular age of the E9 and E24.

The air breather is part of the car instead of an add on. And like the new 7er becomes three dimensional but continues the L-shape language that will feature as an evolutionary continuation of the “Bow Line” on the side of the car but be more angular. The Air Breather crosses through this line with an L superimposed on the L of the lower body.

The upper section of the car is more three dimensional and forms at the rear a flatter but modern 6er wrap around bootlid with high placed rear lights similar to how the Vision Future Luxury rear. There are several ideas for the rear lights , some use the L shape as of typical BMW in many variations of size between the length and height of the two lines. There are some ideas that even use across the boot lid! mimicking amongst others the current Jaguar XJ. The 6er will be offered not only with optional Laser Headlights but also OLEDS.

The interior is an evolution of today’s car what with the “Waterfall” effect providing more intimacy to the driver and the centre console is slightly raised and the passenger section is more surface like to accommodate the passenger display monitor. The L shapes continue in the interior door trim that wraps around the front to the rear compartment.

The 250KG weight loss is significant for the 6er the chassis architecture is a blend of high-strength steel,aluminium,magnesium and Carbon fibre. The roof structure AB& C pillars are Carbon Fibre. As is a Carbon Fibre roof (An aerodynamic Carbon roof will be exclusive to the M6.)
This reduces the centre of gravity even greater than the current F13 M6 Coupe.
The 6er will be configured in a Coupe and Cabrio again with a folding buttress-like soft top roof. The Gran Coupe is being decided as an 8er model.

Early discussion around the next M6 leads to talk of around 650PS with additional Carbon being supplied on the bonnet lid and rear boot lid as well as areas in the drivetrain and additional areas with the chassis and suspension.

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