BMW to launch 6 new models with front-wheel drive by 2017

Rumors | September 3rd, 2014 by 1
bmw z2 rendering 750x500

BMW and MINI are planning a new range of front-wheel drive models. While MINI aims to launch a total of eight models on the new UKL1 front-wheel drive platform, BMW will release six FWD vehicles by 2016. Some of those models will also take advantage of the three-cylinder turbocharged engines.

The first BMW model underpinned by UKL1 is the recently-released 2 Series Active Tourer. A seven-seater version of the BMW van will be unveiled next year. In 2016, BMW will launch the second generation X1, along with the first X2 coupe crossover. Both of those cars are front-wheel drive with an optional xDrive.

Later, in 2017, a small BMW Z2 roadster is planned, along with a replacement for the current 1 Series hatch. The new 1 Series is expected to grow in size from the current model, with the wheelbase stretched even further than the 2,567mm of the five-door MINI.

BMW X2 2016 SUV 750x450

All those new models will not only be extremely profitable for the company, but they will also open the gates to new demographics that traditionally would choose non-premium cars.

[Source: Autoexpress]