Considering how great the new BMW F15 X5 looks, getting a couple of them in one place, thanks to Marcel Lech Photography, is a real treat to end the work week in a great way. This one features a full M-Sport package with both exterior and interior additions, making this X5 an even more attractive vehicle.

At the front, the F15 X5 takes design elements from F30 3 Series, while in the back it’s similar to other current X series models. The interior stands out with its arge LED screen and premium materials used in every part of the car’s interior mixed together with sporty design elements, like the stitching, sports seats and a sports steering wheel seen on this particular model.

BMW F15 X5M By Marcel Lech Photography 4 750x499

The exterior, designed by BMW designer Mark Johnson, was approved in November 2010 and production finalized in 2011 allowing the first units to head to customers in late 2013. As you may already know, an F15 BMW X5M version is currently under development, so pretty soon we are going to enjoy some high-performance driving with the current X5 model.

BMW claims the new X5 is made of ultra-high-tensile steel in the body structure, thermoplastics in the side panels, aluminum in the bonnet and magnesium in the instrument panel support to make the new BMW X5 lighter. Depending on the model, the new X5 is as much as 90 kg lighter than a comparably equipped model from the previous X5 generation. A whole range of model specific equipment, style options and finishes is also available.

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To many owners out there, an Alpine White BMW F15 X5 looks best! And with an amazing BMW M Sport Package added to the SUV, the X5 looks even more aggressive, powerful and emphasis performance and power both on the outside and the inside.

Combining the great looks with high-quality craftsmanship and you have a great choice for an every day vehicle that’s more than capable of any additional heavy duty work that gets thrown at it.

BMW F15 X5M By Marcel Lech Photography 2 750x499

Alpine White BMW F15 X5 By Marcel Lech Photography

Alpine White BMW F15 X5 By Marcel Lech Photography

Alpine White BMW F15 X5 By Marcel Lech Photography