Complete opposite of several recent articles we posted about BMW 3 Series tuning programs, this one doesn’t go overboard and leaves the car with a clean look. It’s a BMW F30 3 Series model sporting a set of HRE Performance Wheels that suit this luxury sedan quite well. With many F30 models roaming the streets, a set of custom forged wheels is always a welcome thing to separate you from the others.

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These HRE P44SC wheels are custom manufactured for this particular vehicle and they are sized 20×9 and 20×10.5 in the front and rear respectively, giving the car a really nice stance.

The owner of this vehicle is a world known automotive photographer Dejan Sokolovski, therefore we are able to show you some excellent photography as well. This particular red F30 is by far one of the classiest and sexiest cars we’ve seen in recent months. Curvaceous body lines, aggressive exterior styling all combined with high quality manufacturing, interior design and driving performance make for a great sports saloon selection any day of the week.

BMW F30 Done By Wheels Boutique 01 750x487

For those that aren’t familiar with HRE Wheels, here’s a snippet of information about the HRE P44SC wheels from their website: “HRE’s Street Collection combines the technical expertise from our championship-winning motorsport wheels with an uncompromised attention to detail creating the ultimate in lightweight, high-strength performance. This race-bred philosophy ensures enhanced braking, acceleration and handling while also reflecting your distinguished sense of style. Each wheel in HRE’s Street Collection is designed specifically for street performance vehicles such as supercars, sports GTs and performance sedans.”

Thanks to Wheels Boutique who supplied these HRE Performance Wheels and Dejan Sokolovski for the amazing automotive photography.

Grab some high-resolution wallpapers.

BMW F30 Done By Wheels Boutique 02 750x500

BMW F30 3Series On HRE Performance Wheels By Wheels Boutique

BMW F30 3Series On HRE Performance Wheels By Wheels Boutique

BMW F30 3Series On HRE Performance Wheels By Wheels Boutique