Today we have a chance to talk about another talented photographer, 103MM Photography, and his fine work. This BMW build is something track day goers will appreciate. While it may sound odd, this BMW E90 335i LCI actually started its life as a bone-stock E90 3 Series Sedan, without any mods or aftermarket additions. Now it’s a full-fledged combination of BMW E90 and E92 M3 front and rear add-ons, all mixed together with additional aftermarket performance parts. And yes, perfectly ready to hit the track!

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You may notice the front fascia of a BMW E92 M3 (slightly modified) together with the rear of a BMW E90 M3 sedan as well. Car was refinished in a Porsche GT3 RS Gray exterior finish, a really interesting combination from some of the world’s most popular sports and racing cars out there. The exterior finish looks strikingly similar to BMW’s own Mineral Gray and Black Sapphire mixed together, providing an excellent choice for this build entirely.

BMW 335i Photoshoot by 1013MM Photography 01 750x499

Even though the exterior grabs most of the attention with the gorgeous finish, custom wheels, new body parts and a huge rear wing (because downforce), all combined together with some slight engine mods – the interior truly is the most interesting part of the build!

BMW 335i Photoshoot by 1013MM Photography 09 750x499

BMW E90 LCI 335i By 1013MM Photography

BMW E90 LCI 335i By 1013MM Photography

BMW E90 LCI 335i By 1013MM Photography

Track day happy owners will appreciate the roll cage installed, providing both safety and increased performance in cornering due to increased rigidity of the frame, all painted white for a nice contrasting effect in the interior part. You will also find BMW Performance seats with Schroth seatbelts providing an extra harnessing effect during potential risky maneuvers on the race track. You’ll also notice a BMW Performance steering wheel with LED panel, showing you the necessary data and information, like when to switch gears or the G-Force in corners. Naturally, a lot of carbon fiber can be seen and the interior is a nice combination between the non-reflective fabric used to upholster parts of the interior and the carbon fiber.

Make sure to grab the high resolution wallpapers posted below!