Taking A Look Back: BMW E39 M5 From California

Tuning | August 16th, 2014 by 1
BMW E39 M5 By Trevor Thompson 03 750x500

On that long road back we always run into seriously interesting builds. By the long road back I actually mean reminiscing about BMWs of the past that are so special to us. Whether you like it or not, cars like the world known BMW E39 M5 have aged and aged a lot! Whether that’s a good thing, we’ll find out right now!

Ever since it was introduced back in 1998 this car raised quite a few eyebrows from the start. A total of 20,482 BMW E39 M5s were made from 1999 to 2003. BMW M produced three versions of the E39 M5, which are the European LHD and RHD versions, but also a somewhat different North American specification version. One thing was common for these cars though; they packed enough power to cleanly sweep almost anything on the roads those days!

BMW E39 M5 By Trevor Thompson 01 750x500

The BMW E39 M5 uses the S62 V8 engine, which produces 294 kW (400 PS; 394 bhp) that’s powering its rear wheels thanks to a Getrag type D six-speed manual transmission. But the output wasn’t enough for everyone, so that’s where tuning companies stepped in.

This particular BMW E39 M5 is tuned by Dinan and to our knowledge, it now churns out a whopping 600+ horsepower thanks to a supercharged unit. With this amount of horsepower, the M5 is pretty much capable of competing with a lot of today’s sportscars, including the current generation BMW M5 as well in terms of power and overall straight line speed.

BMW E39 M5 By Trevor Thompson 03 750x500 BMW E39 M5 By Trevor Thompson 02

Tanks to ActivFilms.TV, we have a chance to see this BMW E39 M5 in high-quality resolution photos. We got more coming soon!