What If Your BMW Won’t Have The Iconic Kidney Grille?

Interesting | August 13th, 2014 by 14
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Every chat we’ve had with a BMW designer usually starts with the iconic design elements that are at the core of every new design. For the regular series BMW cars (excluding the i sub-brand), the iconic design elements embedded in the BMW DNA are the Hofmeister Kink, the kidney grille and the double headlamps.

Proportions are another base design elements that is often mentioned by the talented BMW designers.

But what if you take out one of those design cues? Will it still look like a BMW? What would the cars look like?

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Rendering artist Theophilus Chin came up with the brilliant idea to remove the kidney grille fro 16 current BMW models, including the i3 and i8.

The result? In our opinion, they look like a Chinese-designed knock-off and it shows how important one element can be to a car.

Let’s have a look in the photo gallery below.

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