First BMW M4 Coupe Crash

BMW M4 | June 23rd, 2014 by 25
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The first BMW M4 Coupe crash was reported to have taken place in Munich earlier today. reports that a young man was behind the …

The first BMW M4 Coupe crash was reported to have taken place in Munich earlier today. reports that a young man was behind the wheel as he was racing his Alpine White M4 Coupe through the city center.

The report says that shortly before the Sendlinger Tor-Platz, the M4 Coupe apparently hit a curve and spun out of control because of the excessive speed. The sporty M4 Coupe then ran over a traffic sign and crashed into two trees in front of a building.

The 20-year-old driver suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital.

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The nearby fire station reported that they had heard heavy tire sliding, followed by a thud. According to the police, the BMW M4 Coupe was totaled. Traffic sign and tree were slightly damaged. The estimated total damage is around 90,000 euros.

25 responses to “First BMW M4 Coupe Crash”

  1. CDspeed says:

    Ouch! : (

  2. Shane says:


  3. Ninong says:

    What a waste. I wonder if his daddy buys him another one?

  4. Rashyy says:

    That was quick…
    I’m just wondering, why on earth, are their parents buying a car which is more than 400 hp for a boy who is 20 years old?
    Seriously, how did they thought this would not will happen? It’s quite easily predictable.
    Poor BMW :(

  5. Press-Insider says:

    I doubt this is a rich daddy’s boy’s car. Looking from the behind the plate reads like “M-MM xxxx”. In that case it’s a car from BMW itself – could be a press test car.

    • Ninong says:

      Nice observation but doesn’t 20 years old seem a bit young to be in the car alone if it’s a press test car or something similar? If you read German, check the Munich papers and see if it’s covered. I’m curious to know more about how something like this could happen, especially where it happened.

      • Horatiu B. says:

        Was it a press car? I haven’t read that.

        • Ninong says:

          That’s Press-Insider’s guess based on the license plate. He seems to be in the know on something like this.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Not sure. What gave it away?

          • Ninong says:

            Press-Insider posted that the license plate appears to him to indicate that the car is owned by BMW. He speculated that it might be a press car. I have no idea.

            I did find this comment on a European blog written in English:

            “The first M4 Coupe crash happened yesterday in Germany, where a 20-year old driver from the eastern district of Munich managed to drive his car into some trees.

            “Apparently, the driver accelerated the car and lost control in a corner, then hit a traffic sign as well as two trees found in a small park.

            “The good news is that the driver got out of the car with few minor injuries, but the car was totaled and according to a German newspaper the estimated total damage is around 90,000 euros or around $122,000.”

            I’m glad the driver wasn’t seriously injured. I hope the car wasn’t a manufacturer’s car assigned to a BMW exec because that would be really bad publicity.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            I’ll ask BMW to see what they know. I’m curious.

          • Ninong says:

   (in German) says the driver was “a young man from the Eastern district of Munich” who was “racing his car through the city center” and “lost control at a curve, crashing into two trees in front of the Bank.”
            That’s the only identification they give of the driver.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            It was a dealership car given out for test drive. Not BMW’s car.

          • Ninong says:

            Well, that’s a relief. Glad it wasn’t the son of a BMW exec who “borrowed” it for the day. I’m also very glad the driver was apparently not all that injured because a serious injury would have been more bad publicity.

            I guess their criteria for who gets to take a new M4 out alone for a test drive is fairly lax: anyone with a valid driver’s license?

  6. jason bourne says:

    What an idiot. He’s lucky to be alive.

  7. name says:

    Hope insurance doesn’t pay…

    • Ninong says:

      Insurance pays even when people drive recklessly.

        • Ninong says:

          What the insurance company can do, and sometimes does, is send out a non-renewal notice at least 30 days before the expiration of the current term, informing the insured that they are not extending an offer to renew. In other words, they’re dropping you, which is not the same as canceling you mid-term, which is very rare and usually done only in cases of fraud.

          They’ll keep young guys with bad driving habits provided their family has a lot of business with them and has been one of their insured for a long time. I assume German insurance companies operate along the same sort of guidelines.

      • name says:

        Well even if the owner has comprehensive cover (Vollkaskoversicherung in German) his insurance does not pay for the car if he caused the accident by being grossly negligent or if he was racing.

        • Ninong says:

          That would be different than in the US where the insurance company pays off even if the driver was grossly negligent. Only in cases involving deliberate fraud such as a staged accident would the insurance company refuse to pay. Most insurance policies in the US also have an exclusion in the rare event that two cars in the same family insured by the same insurance company run into each other.

          In other words, when the husband’s car runs into the wife’s car. Don’t laugh, it can and does happen. In one outrageous case, a famous American professional baseball player deliberately drove his expensive new Porsche into the rear end of his wife’s expensive new BMW 850i because he was extremely upset with her and probably experiencing ‘roid rage.

          However, in the case of this M4 crash, the driver of the car was not the owner, so the dealership’s insurance will cover the loss. If the dealership is self-insured, then they in effect take the hit themselves.

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