Rendering: BMW i8 with aftermarket wheels

BMW i | May 2nd, 2014 by 2
bmw i8 rendered on iss forged wheels 4 750x500

Even though we probably won’t see many i8 models on the road with aftermarket parts, it is still interesting to see how a set of wheels can change the looks of the already amazing looking i8.

ML24, which just released a whole line of wheels, in partnership with ISS Forged, are showing us a yellow-painted BMW i8 with some of their equally flashy wheels.

The main wheels are the F1-15M monoblock model, finished in matte black, with custom center locks, color coded yellow. Two other different shades of blue are showcased as well.

bmw i8 rendered on iss forged wheels 3 750x393

Furthermore, the rendered i8 model received rear carbon fiber deflectors/diffusers, modified sideskirts and a carbon fiber blade.

For those of you wondering how the BMW i8 handles itself on the road, our own Chuck Vossler just returned from Los Angeles where he sampled the 2015 BMW i8. You can read his review here.

bmw i8 rendered on iss forged wheels 4 750x392 bmw-i8-rendered-on-iss-forged-wheels_2 bmw-i8-rendered-on-iss-forged-wheels_1

[Source: PS-Garage]