This is the first street legal MINI pickup ever built. A team of trainees and trainers from BMW Group worked on the MINI Paceman Pickup which came to fruition after months of planning.

The project kicked off with the removal of the roof seen on the Paceman, followed by the loading area which was covered with a black checker plate.

Before the roof was removed, the MINI Paceman’s body had to be reinforced with additional bracing. Also, the underbody design and the B-pillar had to be adapted to the new circumstances, which leads to a similar ride quality as the “standard” Paceman.

MINI Paceman Pickup 2014 Azubi Projekt Pick Up Truck 05

Off-road tires, additional headlights and the spare conspicuous objects placed on a shortened roof underline the special off-road character of the MINI pick-up, which, if built, could found plenty of customers in North and South America, and in Australia.

A Series production of the Paceman Adventure is however not planned – although the young car makers have mastered the special adventure with flying colors.

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[Source: Bimmertoday]