SPOTTED: BMW 1M in green color

BMW 1M | March 30th, 2014 by 4
bmw 1 series m coupe c944825032014194501 1 750x500

BMW 1M is without a doubt one of the most successful bimmers built in the last decade, if not longer. The “baby-M” was born from a “pirate project” inside the company when several engineers fitted a 135i Coupe with M3 parts and presented it to the former M boss, Kay Siegler. With a gem on his hands, Siegler went to the board and was told to build as many as possible in the short time frame left before the 1 Series Coupe production ceased.

6331 units were sold worldwide and the last four copies of the 340-hp compact M were provided with a special paint and body work in contrast to all previously-built 1Ms. The standard colors for the 1M were Valencia Orange, Black Sapphire and Alpine White.

bmw 1 series m coupe c944825032014194501 5 750x499

One of those last special colors was the Java Green which costs 4,300 euros.

In the U.S., as far as we know, all the 740 units sold were painted in either Valencia Orange, Alpine White or Black Sapphire colors.

The car spotted here also features blacked out wheels and a racing wing, to give the car an overall sportier look.

[Source: Autogespot]