Rendering: BMW M2 Active Tourer

Rumors | February 22nd, 2014 by 6
bmw m2 active tourer 750x500

From the series “I Hope It Will Never Happen” comes a new rendering showing an imaginary model, the BMW M2 Active Tourer.

The folks over at X-Tomi Design venture into the unknown and copy and paste some design cues from the M series models onto the 2 Series Active Tourer. Already been criticized that it is now offering front-wheel drive vehicles, the board in Munich will most likely stay away from slapping an M badge on a 2 Series Active Tourer FWD.

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer combines comfort and functionality of space with the dynamic lines of a BMW.

bmw m2 active tourer 750x421

Measuring just 4,342 millimeters long (170.9 inches), 1,800 millimeters (70.8 inches) wide and 1,555 millimeters (61.2 inches) in height, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer offers similar inside space as larger X vehiclesicon1. The versatile luggage compartment, whose capacity can be enlarged from 468 to 1,510 liters.

BMW will offer the 2 Series Active Tourer with a front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configuration.

For now, let’s just enjoy this artistic attempt.