Detailers Domain, an NJ-based auto detailer, are showing us an example on how to properly fix any damages incurred by the paint on your car. In this case, the project car is a beautiful M3Coupe in Santorini Blue.

Apparently during transport back home to NJ, the car wash wiped down incorrectly and the paint was scratched.

Here are some of the tools and products used in the process, along with a detailed video that showcases the steps taken.

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– Wheels were cleaned and prepped for Auto Finesse Mint Rims
– Tires cleaned with Sonax Multi Star 
– Wheel wells were cleaned up
– Washed with Auto Finesse Avalanche in the Uber Foam Cannon
– Clayed with the New Uber Yellow Poly Clay and NanoSkin AutoScrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt
– Door jambs were cleaned up
– Dried
– Tires dressed
– Masking
– Paint Measurement
– Compound – Menzerna Fast Gloss FG400
– Final Polish – Sonax Perfect Finish 4/6
– Last step – Auto Finesse Illusion Show Car Wax
– Inspection with Fenix, Brinkmann, and natural sunlight
– Rubber and Plastics Treated
– Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and sealed
– Exhaust tips cleaned and polished

Products used
Auto Finesse Avalanche 
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
Sonax Multi Star Multi Purpose Cleaner
Auto Finesse Iron Out
NanoSkin AutoScrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt
Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bar
Meguiar’s M101
Menzerna Fast Gloss FG400
Sonax Perfect Finish 4/6
Auto Finesse Tripple
Auto Finesse Illusion Show Car Wax
Adam’s Super VRT
Auto Finesse Mint Rims
Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish

Tools Used
Uber Microfiber Towels
Uber Super Drying Towel
Rupes LHR 21ES
Rupes LHR 15ES
Rupes LHR 75
Surbuf Pad
Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Pads
Uber Foam Buffing Pads
Wheel Woolies
Über Boar’s Hair Brush
EZ Detail Brush

Full article with detailed images can be found here.