Car & Driver 2014 10Best Cars – BMW 3 and 4 Series

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The 2013 BMW 3 Series Sedan and 4 Series Coupe have made the top 10 Best Cars in 2014 by Car and Driver. Other cars …

The 2013 BMW 3 Series Sedan and 4 Series Coupe have made the top 10 Best Cars in 2014 by Car and Driver. Other cars that made the list are the Audi A6/S6/A7, Cadillac CTS, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Porsche Boxter Cayman, and others. The full list can be found here.

The new 4 Series differentiates itself from the 3 Series brother by a preponderance of subtle and not so subtle details that all add up to a much more athletic looking car. One which clearly makes its case for a new name in the BMW family. The new 4 Series has a long sleek hood, a more steeply raked front windshield, lower front end, wider kidney grills and enlarged air intake just above the ground which all combine to give the coupe a very aggressive appearance. Even the headlights appear to be pushed more to the edge of the front end than compared to the 3 Series. The round fog lights on the 3 series are gone replaced by what look to be a series of presumably LED lights.

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Though the new 4 Series wheelbase is 50 mm longer than the outgoing E92 3 Series Coupe, it has the same 110.6” wheelbase as the existing F30 3 Series sedan. Its overall length, 182.7 inches, is just a hair longer the the F30 sedan by 0.2”. The new 4 Series overall height is 53.6 inches. This is lower than the existing 3 Series sedan by 2.7” and the outgoing 3 Series coupe by .63”. The new 4 Series also sports a wider front and rear track.

Here is what C&D had to say about the two models:

Today, the 3 wears a bull’s-eye on its back as every luxury maker now takes aim at the fat, lower end of the luxury-car segment, which is the $35,000–$45,000 (or $399–$499/month) compact sports sedan. The current F30, which in its initial 320i, 328i, and 335i form, or 428i/435i as per the coupe’s new designation, is softer than ever and suffers from imperfect electrified steering.
But it still bears the burdens of its leadership with understated, everyday excellence. Anchoring to the road with a balletic balance and a satisfying exactness to its controls, the 3 also delivers the premium experience—of powertrain isolation, switch feel, and ride quality—expected of its premium price.