Stunt Driver Sera Trimble Drives a BMW M3

BMW M3 | November 11th, 2013 by 1
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Stunt driver Sera Trimble works on shows like the Hawaii Five-O and does Kia commercials, among other stunts, but in her free time, the California native enjoys driving her BMW M3.

So why the M3? “For my 30th birthday in January I bought myself a present—a BMW M3,” says Trimble. “I’ve been in almost every car that exists. So why this one? I love the handling, and it fits me. (I’m small.) Besides, I’ve loved M3s ever since I first got in one, back when I was parking cars in Seattle.”

How did she get to be a stunt driver? While working as a valet for Hotel Sorenta, Trimble parallel parked a car at 40 mph, a stunt observed by a director of a car commercial.

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After a few odd jobs on small car commercials, she is know part of a selective group of stunt drivers that do fun things for a living.

[Source: WSJ]