Rumor: BMW M4 to ditch the manual transmission?

Rumors | August 21st, 2013 by 2
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The interwebs are on fire today from a rumor started by Autoblog.

According to the U.S. publication, the new BMW M4 will drop the manual transmission and stick with the 7-Speed DCT as the only option. Autoblog doesn’t mention its sources so we are treating this as simply a rumor.

On the other hand, our own sources, again unnamed but very close to the company, say that a manual is certainly part of the M4 offering but it remains unknown if only the US market will have it available.

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While the manual options in M cars are still selling in lower numbers than its DCT counterparts, the M3 or in this case M4 manual transmissions speak to the heart of BMW purists and remain a symbol of the Ultimate Driving Machine. We believe that BMW will continue to cater to its loyal M3 following even with the increased R&D price of developing two separate transmissions.

Furthermore, a prototype spotted earlier this year shows the F80 M3 with the manual stick.

We have reached out to BMW for an official statement, so stay tuned for more updates.