It’s not very often that a BMW 1M goes on sale so when we see one of those “baby-Ms” up for grab, then it’s worth sharing.

The owner, Kirk, and a friend of BMWBLOG, lives near Los Angeles and has one of the most tuned up and modded 1Ms we have seen, and one that has been featured on the cover of BMW Magazine and other car magazines.

But the 1M comes with a hefty price, a whooping $92,000 which of course accounts for all the “goodies” and power upgrades added to the car.

1m price 655x437

Here is how Kirk describes the car up for sale:

Looking for someone to continue the build and worldwide fame of my 1M. It has been a show car for the most part, getting sponsors like EIBACH, REVOZPORT, NITTO, GT HAUS, SSR, OSS DESIGNS and COBB TUNING. It currently has $40,000 in aftermarket parts. It is the perfect car to bring back to SEMA and to get another $30,000 in free sponsored parts. I bought the car new and ED’ed in AUG 2011. I am located in southern california, 50 kliks east of Los Angeles. You can see pics and complete build here: I may be contacted via email to

The BMW 1M listing can be found on the BMWCCA website.

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