BMW Super Bild: BMW Powered 1928 Model A

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No that’s not a BMW, yet it is powered by a BMW M60 V8, but one thing is certain: Mike Burrough’s Model A takes engine transplants to a new level.

Some of you may know Mike Burroughs from Stance Works with his bagged BMW E9. That E9 became an overnight dream car for most BMW fans as well as shed some light on the possibilities of resto-modding pre eighties BMWs. For me his E9 is perfect in every way. I frothed at the mouth for weeks pining over his 1971 E9. But enough about his E9, we have a new object of drool worthiness.

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Mike wanted to push his limits of what he could do with a car, simply bagging and modding a BMW no longer stirred his emotions and capabilities of truly custom fabrication. So he began his search for a Model A which proved quite difficult even in California.

“During my Craigslist searching, I had no real idea what I wanted. I knew cars from the late ’20s and early ’30s were what I was after, but past that, I couldn’t have said much else. I knew what a Model A was, but the drastic differences between a ’29 and a ’30 model were miles above my head. The offerings from Chevrolet and Dodge, or anyone else for that matter, were one in the same as far as I was concerned. All that mattered to me was that when I saw it, I had to be inspired. Whatever it was, it had to speak to me. The lines had to strike the right chord and everything that I felt about what a hot rod should be had to be embraced. And so the Craigslist search began with 1926. “No Results Found.” Even in Southern California – the heart of “Craigslist Finds,” cars from 1926 are few and far between. 1927 yielded similar results. But 1928 came with a surprise. A few results appeared, and between two finished $30,000 cars was a 1928 Ford Model A pickup.”

Where the story takes a turn towards his love of BMWs is when he decided the powerplant.

When I set out on this build, I knew I had to incorporate my love for BMW into the truck. Without it, it’d never really be my hot rod. Sure, it’d be cool, but it’d never be obvious that it’s Mike Burroughs’ truck, When I mixed the idea of Model A, BMW, and the need for the growl and burble of a V8, the answer was obvious: the BMW M60 had to be the powerplant. Sourced from a ’95 BMW 740, the 4.0L overhead-cam V8 pushes out right at around 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque – an absolute ton in a car that weighs 1500 pounds. The 740’s automatic transmission, on the other hand, wouldn’t do the trick, so I sourced a Getrag 420 6-speed from an E39 M5 to mate to the M60. The engine continues to run on the factory ECU, which, along with a custom fuse box and relay panel, is tucked away behind the firewall, out of sight and out of mind, yet within a waterproof housing to ensure it keeps tickin’ when the goin’ gets wet.”

Mike also knows that some of the purists would scoff at his engine decision. Stating “I’m well aware that the engine will be the point of contention for many hotrod purists, and likely BMW fans too. “It’s out of place.” “It sticks out like a sore thumb.” “It needs a Ford/Chevy/XXXXX motor.” It hasn’t even been a week and I’ve already heard it all. “I wish he had done something to make the engine look older, like aluminum valve covers.” But then I have to ask, would you know it was a BMW engine?  There are two dozen reasons why people will be quick to scoff at my choice of engine; some will say I’ve done it simply to be different, others will say that it doesn’t fit in any way. Yet I can’t help but smile as I’ve brought two things I love -two things that truly inspire me – together in my first ground-up build.”

You can read all about Mike’s Model A build powered by BMW in the source link below. All I’d like to say to Mike is well done mate!! Well done

Indeed, you had my attention when you debuted your E9, but this, this is a thing of beauty even if it is a rat ride. Kudos my friend!