Will We See A 30 Years Limited Edition 2014 F10 BMW M5?

Spy Photos | May 11th, 2013 by 2
bmw m5 30 year limited edition 750x500

In 2009, BMW M celebrated a quarter century of BMW M5 so if our math is correct, the big next milestone would be in 2014 with a 30 year milestone. Martin, a reader of Bimmertoday, spotted an F10 BMW M5 near the M factory in Garching that featured a 30 Year Limited Edition badge on the dashboard.

The plaque seen on the dashboard also indicates that this is vehicle number 1 out of 300. If indeed BMW will build an anniversary M5 model, the super sporty sedan will come with a premium price, most likely a special paint and additional options not offered for the “regular” M5s.

The prototype caught by Bimmertoday doesn’t offer any visual clues, certainly no carbon fiber roof and it comes with standard brakes. One interesting exterior change is the eye-catching dark chrome gills.

bmw m5 30 year limited edition image 2 655x434

Inside we see the U.S.-only manual option and judging by the orange markers on the front fenders, this could be the U.S. edition of that limited edition model.

Our information is limited at the moment and we don’t expect BMW to comment on those speculations, so expect to learn more as we get closer to the M5 facelift this summer.

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