First Drive Review: 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

BMW M6 | April 19th, 2013 by 4

Autocar’s Greg Kable gets behind the wheel of the new 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe.

The M6 with four-doors and coupe-like roofline goes on sale this Spring with a base price of $113,000, only $3800 more than the M6 Coupe. For those in the U.S., BMW still offers the super powerful M6 with either a six-speed manual transmission or our favorite, the M Dual Clutch transmission. BMW also offers M Carbon Ceramic Brakes for $9,250. Optional 20″ M light alloy wheels Style 343M can be purchased for $1,300.

Here is an excerpt from their review:

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Despite weighing 5kg more at 1875kg and running the same 3.15:1 final drive, BMW claims the M6 Gran Coupé is actually faster to 62mph than the M5, but only by 0.1sec at 4.2sec. Top speed is nominally limited to 155mph. However, buyers can have it extended to 190mph as part of an optional driver’s package. And who wouldn’t.

A full throttle autobahn run at its launch on the outskirts of Munich last week revealed this latest M-car has no trouble reaching such dizzying heights of performance when the conditions permit.

Spectacularly muscular on-boost qualities of engine combine with tremendously effective straight line stability to provide the driver with great confidence at over double the UK speed limit and make it a formidable high-speed cruiser. There’s also sufficient compliancy within the suspension, even in its most aggressive Sport-plus mode, to ensure comfort levels remain.

For a car that stretches to over five metres in length, this latest M-car is also impressively agile on more challenging roads. It steers accurately, albeit without a great deal of feedback. In Sport and Sport plus modes the damping is sufficiently firm to ensure taut body control when you’re carrying big speed through corners.

Full review here

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