Spy Photos: MINI F56 shows its interior

Spy Photos | March 23rd, 2013 by 5
MINI F56 2014 Erlkoenig 08 750x500

The next F56 MINI will be unveiled later this year and several prototypes are still being heavily tested by German engineers. The latest spy photos, despite the heavy camouflage, give us a closer look at the overall dimensions of the new MINI as well as to its interior design.

The F56 MINI is built on a new front-wheel drive platform which will be shared between the MINI and the FWD BMW vehicles. The MINI Cooper S spied here retains the usual appearance with two centrally positioned tailpipes.  Hidden under the swirly tape seem to be Air Curtains that will give the car a more aggressive look.

Inside, the F56 retains the round display positioned behind the wheel, but with a speed indication instead of tachometer. The classic center console in the middle of the dashboard now contains only the radio, navigation and infotainment technology, and is no longer used as an oversized speedometer. The lights are controlled with a switch placed in front of the left knee of the driver.

Under the hood, we will see for the first time BMW’s new family of three-cylinder engines, producing from around 100 to 130 horsepower. The more powerful models Cooper S and John Cooper Works will continue to use four combustion chambers, but each should provide a little more power than the current generation R56.

[Source: Tesladrivers.Blogspot.com | Bimmertoday]

5 responses to “Spy Photos: MINI F56 shows its interior”

  1. stew says:

    Can no one get any decent info on this, There was a meeting in Manchester and they had a fully built F56 to show the Dealer Managers!

  2. TheBingoBalls says:

    From the spy shots, I think the F56 MINI is going to compete better in the class mainly because of the much improved interior. With the R56, the interior felt way too hard with all the hard plastics used and didn’t look like it belonged in a car priced at what it was. With the new layout, switches, it should help eliminate some of the criticism.

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