BMW Super Bild: 3000GT

Interesting | March 22nd, 2013 by 0

This is a BMW. No, it really is. But what’s with the lack of the familiar BMW trademarks? The kidney grilles, the four round headlights, or the Hofmeister Kink?  Alright, you got me there. No matter the lack of traditional BMW design features, this is very much a BMW.

Keeping in line with some obscure BMW cars we’ve featured here on Super Bild, today’s BMW is no exception. The Glas built 3000GT was one of the first built by Glas for BMW after the Bavarians acquired them in 1966.

This 1968 V8 model 3000GT is a gorgeous example of one of only 389 built. The 3.0 liter V8 produced 160 horsepower and had a top speed of 126 MPH. Sadly, BMW phased out production of the 3000GT in September of that year leaving behind it a future collectible. In the U.S. this model is even rarer as only a handful made it stateside.

Though by this time Glas was fully under BMW management, they decided to refrain from integrating the traditional twin kidney grilles, in favor simply badging the 3000GT with the trademark Roundels.

The successor to the 3000GT was the 2000c and 2800cs, clearly the roofline and design features are very much in tact but now BMW added the kidney grilles and twin headlamps.

As rare as these obscure BMWs are, and even though they were never developed by BMW, there is no denying them entry into the BMW family. They’re simply great to look at and admire.

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