BMW Super Bild: M5 Snow day

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E39 M5 in snow 750x500

Old man winter has its firm grasp on everyone in the North and around most of the globe, with the exception of our friends south of the equator. So what’s a rear-wheel drive BMW fan to do? Sell their beloved car for an xDrive? Buy a second winter vehicle? Heck no! Buy some winter tires!

Lately it seems BMW is offering every single car it makes with an optional xDrive. I know some of it has to do with keeping up with market circumstance and having to competing with rival German auto makers, but maybe xDrive isn’t the best or only option of those of us with the love of rear wheel drive high horsepower BMWs that can’t afford a second winter only vehicle.

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Personally, I’ll take a well sorted out rear-wheel drive BMW with a set of performance snow tires from my favorite tire manufacturer: Bridgestone. Depending on how harsh a winter we’re facing, I could use the mud and snow variety like the Blizzak WS70 which offers excellent snow traction but sacrifices dry handling and a bit of quietness at highway speeds, or the always favorite and dry capable performance snow tire, the LM 60, which isn’t the best for the deep powdery stuff but excellent at handling most of the 400 horsepower an M5 is capable of producing.

Let’s face it, most BMW cars offer a ground clearance of just over 5 inches so once the snow goes over that depth, the front apron begins to plow; which impedes forward movement. Or snow begins to accumulate under the car lifting it and removing pressure from the contact patch, also impeding progress, so anything short of an SAV, like an X5 or X3, will be able to handle the higher accumulations.

It’s not to say that you wouldn’t venture out into a blizzard with an E39 M5 on a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks, God knows I was crazy once too and although fun it serves to remind us that sometimes we just need to stay off the roads!

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Sound off in the comments section of your scariest drive in a winter storm.

Stay safe this winter driving season everyone, and please use proper judgment.

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