Active Autowerke, world-renowned BMW specialty shop, has unleashed 32 years of experience making Bavarian barn-burners onto an unsuspecting 2011 BMW M3 coupe. Built to showcase the durability, technological innovation, and absolute power of Active Autowerke’s products, this E92 has caught fire on Facebook and Instagram, and is a rolling testament to what a stock M3 can turn into, given a little coercion, and a lot of extra horsepower.

Dubbed “Blitzkrieg” by its Facebook followers, the first thing that an observer’s attention is drawn to, is the exterior. A full vehicle wrap, inspired by the 1976 BMW 3.0 CSL Art Car designed by Frank Stella adorns the body panels, creating a grid pattern that also hides outlines of gears, pistons, and the supercharger system at the heart of the engine bay. Carbon fiber pieces, such as the Auto Carbon rear diffuser, and BMW Motorsport front splitters and rear deck spoiler are subtle upgrades to the stock profile. Finally, custom 20 inch forged wheels fill the gaps on all four corners.

blitzlarge6web 655x435

“We built this car as a flagship vehicle to demonstrate the best that we have to offer our customers,” said Rob Hugh, Director of Sales at Active Autowerke.

“Even though it is making over 700 horsepower, it has been driven up and down the state of Florida, to shows, track events, and on cruises, and has performed flawlessly. Our fans expect our products to handle any and all abuse they might throw at it, on or off the race track.” Explained Hugh.

Motivating Blitzkrieg is a prototype Generation 7 Level 3 Active Autowerke intercooled supercharger kit, full Active Autowerke Signature Exhaust, and Meth-Injection system. Prototype Active Autowerke 12-Piston calipers cap the big brake kit, full race-spec suspension from JRZ, and a set of Nitto Invo tires do their best to reign in the madness, which starts nearly from idle.

blitzlarge3web 655x435

According to Hugh, “We have had trouble in the past getting it to hook correctly on our in-house dyno due to how much torque is immediately available.”

Final numbers have not been released yet, as final testing is still being conducted. One interesting torture test took place late in 2012, when Blitzkrieg was put through its paces by professional drifter, Chelsea Denofa. For one clear Saturday afternoon, Denofa flogged the M3 front, back, and of course sideways, to help prove the kit’s durability. Hour after hour, rev-bounce after rev-bounce, the car did whatever was asked of it, and perhaps with an endless supply of tires, would have kept asking for more.