Houston Issues Ticket To A MINI Cooper Parked On A Wall

MINI | January 10th, 2013 by 6
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MINI’s advertising campaigns have always been  known for being bold and fun, and this latest attempt to promote the brand follows the exact same steps.

In Houston, a local marketing agency that works with MINI dealerships decided to make things a bit more fun for the locals by hanging a MINI Cooper on a wall. Apparently the “fake” MINI which is just a shell composed of fiberglass presented some dangers to bypassers and City of Houston decided to issue a…ticket. That’s right folks, a ticket for an innovative “billboard” that draws attention to the fun factor of the MINI brand.

And this is not even their first attempt. The company has been using these fiberglass MINIs for a while now and hung them on other buildings as well.

mini wall fine

But apparently the extremely light (as in weight) gimmick struck a chord in the heart of Houston officials that a citation was issued on the spot with a very aggressive message: “Remove car from building front…Do this immediately!”

After further digging, the folks at Jalopnik found out that the issued actually started from permitting issues rather than any suggestion of unsafe mounting, and the store assures that “everything’s being resolved”, so if you would like to see the car “in action” head over to 3303 Kirby Ave in Houston.

mini fine houston