Spy Photos: 2014 BMW X5 loses camouflage

Spy Photos | December 30th, 2012 by 20
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The third generation BMW X5 continues its testing trials on U.S. soil and several prototypes were spied near the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina by …

The third generation BMW X5 continues its testing trials on U.S. soil and several prototypes were spied near the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina by Palbay.

The test mules have lost some of its camouflage and are revealing more design details. The green test mule gives us a look at the M Sport package while the brown painted seems to be one of the high-end models with LED headlights. For the first time we also have the chance to see a functional air vent as seen on the new 4 Series Coupe.

Just like the new F30 3 Series, the F15 X5 will have headlights flow into the kidney grille, creating a 3D effect along with a sportier look. The front bumper will incorporate air vents as seen on some M models. The 2014 X5 will feature more flowing character lines and sculpted surfaces.

bmw F15 X5 06 655x476

The 2014 X5 is based on the architecture of the 5 Series which provides significant contribution to weight reduction – more than 100 kilograms – despite the ever growing dimensions – along with a sportier driving experience. The lower weight also lays the groundwork for smaller engines to be used in the X5, like both petrol and diesel four-cylinder units.

bmw F15 X5 07 655x862

Production of the F15 X5 begins in August 2013 so we expect to see the fully unveiled model sometimes in the first half of next year.


[Photos by: Palbay]

20 responses to “Spy Photos: 2014 BMW X5 loses camouflage”

  1. johnparke says:

    Stop calling it the “Air Breather”! Its called the Bimmerang! Lol

  2. Mateo says:

    hm…looks like big x3 for now. i hope that will not happend

  3. viper says:

    it doesn’t look like something I’m looking forward to it…looks boxy

  4. Giom says:

    Seems BMW is sticking to a very successful recipe for the X5. This also seems to work best on the bigger car rather than the smaller X3. The ‘boxyness’ remains, but I see a few very nice curves under those stickers! I’m looking foreword to this one!

  5. Ted says:

    Love the box!

  6. Nizer says:

    That rear shot looks too MB GL for my tastes. Ugh. Make it lower and wider.

  7. TheBingoBalls says:

    Really disliking that “breather vent” especially if they’re going to layer it with a stupid add-on like the 4-Series. Even if it does serve a purpose, don’t know why they would add it on. I know BMW is all about the sportyness but it’s a damn SAV, it doesn’t need it.

  8. Efoza says:

    Come on BMW you can do better than this silly looking box which looks like a van rather than a SUV. Audi is really catching up and you need to watch your back.

    Even Kia is coming up with better looking and advanced

  9. sammy t says:

    i hope i am blinded by the camo. I seem to see no rear side glass suggesting a wide “D” column at the back of the luggage compartment. If my obs are correct you end up with an X5 panel van. Please dont cause us stress. Dont spoil the X5 , i understand its a difficult car to improve. A little cosmetics here and there and pliz keep it X5 and dont make it a big X3.

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