Top Ugliest Cars

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Why So Ugly?

Car people tend to be a vocal bunch. We’re always full of opinions, thoughts and ideas as to what a car should and shouldn’t be. This isn’t the case with just BMW car folk, it’s the case with every car folk out there…except for maybe Saab and Pontiac drivers. They’re screwed.

From performance numbers, to actual on-road feel, to the track and back, conversations are always sparking. Debates as to what features should be standard on a model, which leather choice is best and whether the run flat tires are a good idea or not constantly rage online on forums as well as coffee shops, lunch rooms and workplaces.

However, there is one international truth that we can all agree on, and that is that all of the above mentioned traits, options or characteristics that a car has, come second to the very first thing that we notice about a car; its looks.

chrysler pt cruiser 02 655x491

The shape and design of a vehicle is the first thing that we see. As a consequence, and depending on our reaction we either choose to further investigate this vehicle based on our visual attraction to it, or relegate it to the “not on my list” bin thanks to its ugliness. This means that the design of a car is massively important then because what the eyes see and like, the heart wants. This all means that car companies spend big bucks to acquire talented designers and artists in order to draw up new designs for future models. With the ever increasing popularity (can also be read as “necessity”) of platform sharing not only across a model line but even on a cross-brand level, the exterior appearance of a car plays an even more important role differentiating it from its siblings but also making it stand out in a sea of choices.

Enter, the ugly car.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” the saying goes, but when most everyone is saying the same thing, then it’s time to stop believing in sayings and start believing the truth, and that is to say, the car you’ve designed is ugly. I’m not referencing any particular brand, I’m talking about many different models across many different brands. We’ve seen them. We’ve made the “don’t like” face and we’ve even looked away from some of them, in unison, asking ourselves or even the person next to us the same 2 questions:

  1. Why would company X design and build such a monstrosity on wheels?!
  2. Why would anyone blessed with the gift of sight buy such a monstrosity on wheels?!

I’ve had my fair share of car conversations with people from all over the globe with varying tastes, likes and dislikes, and I’ve noticed something. As much as we love talking about cars, describing with such great passion the things we like about car X or car Y, it would seem that with an equal amount of passion, or maybe even greater, we love to talk about the cars we don’t like just as much. With that in mind, I asked a few friends and colleagues to mention what they thought were some of the ugliest cars to ever roam our streets and highways. The response was overwhelming and it started to paint a pretty clear picture as to what was and still is considered to be hideous. Here are some of the vehicles most frequently cited as being a sight for sore eyes:

PT Cruiser

chrysler pt cruiser 02 655x491
Pontiac Aztek

2004 Pontiac Aztek Rally

Fiat Multipla

Dodge Neon

Buick Terraza


Renault Avantine

Nissan Juke


Honda Element


Honda Insight

Subaru Baja


Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius 2010

Mitsuoka Orochi


Hummer H2/H3

2006 HUMMER H2 SUT Limited Edition Fusion Orange

Now, this is BMWBLOG, so here’s a list of BMW’s that were called out for their looks:


E83 X3

E65 7 Series (Bangle-butt)

E36/38 M Coupe

F07 5 Series Gran Turismo


If exotics are to be considered mobile works of art, with the drivers of such prized possessions doing the world a favor, maybe even making it a better place by simply driving their exotic wheels on our public streets, then how are we to describe such sights for sore eyes, that make our eyes even sorer?

Tell us in your opinion, what is the ugliest car ever produced? Naturally, this all boils down to personal taste, but again I say, there are some vehicles out there that only their designers could love. Be it a BMW or otherwise, speak your mind and make the world a better, prettier place!