Rumors: BMW 1 Series Sedan in 2016 – 3 cylinder and FWD

Rumors | November 20th, 2012 by 10
BMW 1er Limousine 2016 UKL FWD 01 750x500

According to the latest of Auto Bild, the next generation BMW 1 Series due out in 2016 will make use of the new front-wheel drive architecture. The FWD platform (UKL) was recently previewed in the BMW Concept Active Tourer and the same one will be used in the F56 MINI. The platform also provides the ability to use an all-wheel drive setup.

Along with the new venture into the world of front-wheel drive vehicle, BMW will also enter the market with a new family of engine: three cylinder turbos with a displacement of 1.5 liter. The small turbo will power some of the 1 Series models, while the four-cylinder powerplants will provide more power to the higher-end 1er models.

The Bavarians are also hard at work to build the first 1 Series Sedan, a vehicle that would provide direct competition to similar offerings from Mercedes-Benz and Audi. The Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLS-CLA are also offered in a front-wheel drive or all-drive option.

BMW 1er Limousine 2016 UKL FWD 01 655x393

Pricing of the 1 Series sedan is rumored to be around 4,000 euros less than the 3 Series sedan.

With dimensions and proportions growing with every generation of new BMWs, the company sees the opportunity in offering a smaller, dynamic sedan that will provide enough space for those customers upgrading from 1 Series hatchback.

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BMW 1er Limousine 2016 UKL FWD 02 655x393

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10 responses to “Rumors: BMW 1 Series Sedan in 2016 – 3 cylinder and FWD”

  1. Kiril Toshev says:

    My eyes hurts while reading this and my heart stops from time to time. Is this the next wrong turn after BMW Active Tourer ? What should we expect next ? 90 degree V6 and a FWD 3 series ? With few more moves like FWD platform for BMW Active Tourer, BMW will become a catching up company instead of a leading one.

  2. Tarek Nassar says:

    don’t worry, the 2 series will be the compact RWD and it will be similar in concept to the E30 3 series… In one word, the next 2 series will be the 3 series that we all have been waiting for, light, nimble and RWD…
    Next 1 series will be FWD and 2 series will be the current 1 series replacement

    • Kiril Toshev says:

      Hope you are right and hope that next 2 series doesn’t have the current 1 series sloppy design.

      • JRobUSC says:

        We don’t get it here in the U.S. but the new 1-Series has been doing very well in comparison tests. I personally don’t have a problem with a FWD 1-Series based on the MINI platform — I have yet to read an article that didn’t praise the Mini for the way it handles, and with as expensive as the new 3-Series has gotten BMW needs a lower priced entry level model. Especially with the FWD A-class/CLA and Audi A3 sedan in the market. With a car that small, FWD will allow more interior and trunk space, and as long as it’s fun and handles like a BMW is supposed to I don’t think most people will care which wheels are driving it. Hell, many buyers might not even know. All that matters will be the way it drives.

        • E28 says:

          You’re wrong, some people called enthusiasts do care about tradition, the tradition of RWD an amazing straight 6 engines, if next generation is indeed FWD, than I dont want new BMW anymore.

  3. Nick says:

    Sorry BMW, FWD – Epic Fail! :(

  4. JC says:

    please give us a nice coupe/sedan 2 series rwd turbo inline6!!!!!!!!!! i don’t want anything to do with any 4 cylinder!

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