eBay Find: Custom made 1993 BMW 850CSi

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Number 539 out of 1510 built BMW 850 CSi models is up for sale on eBay. The custom made 850 Csi is painted in a unique purple color as and comes with all extra options available. Inside, to match the exterior, a very bright purple nappa leather is included.

The odometer shows 110,000 miles.

The car also comes with all service history and all the records starting with original invoice.

Here is the description from the eBay page:

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///M Power Engine, 5576 cmc, V12, 280kW (381 PS), Manual 6 Gear ///M Transmission, AHK motorsport ///M specific(rear axl drive-four wheel steering), final drive oil cooler, engine oil cooler, ///M design door mirror, limited slip differential, aluminum wheels, ///M brakes, stronger brakes than the US modell with brake ventilation, servotronic ///M specific, sport seats.

The car is unique in every single way, starting from it’s color (interior and exterior), extras, power, torque, top speed and last but not least, the driving experience. Everything about this car was designed to please and delight its driver! In the last 7-8 years, since I own it, was only driven occasionally, just to capture the pleasure of driving a real classic supercar. It was very well taken care of and all services were made even before due date.

A real collector’s car!


The 850CSi took over from the prototype M8. The 850CSi used the same engine as the 850i, which was tuned so significantly that BMW assigned it a new engine code: S70B56. Production ended in late 1996 because the S70 engine could not be modified to comply with new emission regulations without substantial re-engineering.

6 responses to “eBay Find: Custom made 1993 BMW 850CSi”

  1. RacecarBMW says:

    I’m not really digging that colour… But WOW what a beautiful car!

  2. Guest says:

    In Romania out of all places. Lots of stolen BMW and MB there, just sayin…

    • schnell850 says:

      Stop saying stupid and out of place things! Who are u to know this things? ooo, you heard it on TV, so that makes it real, right? Pls appologise, I am the owner of the car!

      • Tell ya sumthin! says:

        This car sold from Germany in 2008 with 260k kms = 162k mls on the clock. It shows what now? 110k mls.
        Honest dealer? NOT.

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