BMW Super Bild Of The Week: E89 Z4 3.5i

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BMW currently offers a few cars that slip under the radar unnoticed – the E89 Z4 is one of them. A product of the current global economic circumstance, the roadster market is mostly dead. This isn’t to say the Z4 isn’t popular amongst BMW enthusiasts.

The E89 Z4 debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January of 2009 to some mixed reactions over a completely revamped interior designed by Nadya Arnaout, and exterior designed by Juliane Blasi. The source of some of the design complaints stemmed from the retractable hardtop that left the trunk space (boot) with little to no room for anything.

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But where the new Z4 fell short in trunk capacity, driving enthusiast were elated at the new performance gains via the then new N54 inline 6 cylinder twin-turbo cranking out 300 horsepower and 300 ft-lbs of torque mated to either a 6-speed manual or sport tuned paddle actuated 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Performance figures jumped dramatically over its predecessor with 0 to 60MPH dashes taking 5.2 seconds for the manual and 5.1 for the paddle shifted DCT.

Today’s Z4 3.5 is owned by Steve Breakwell from Worcester UK. His right hand drive version is equipped with the optional 18” V-Spoke composite wheel 294 wheels, Sat Nav with iDrive and row your own gears; manual trans for those challenged by “Americanisms.”

Steve’s Z4 posed a problem for me with this week’s Super Bild. I couldn’t decide which of the many awesome pictures of his stunning Z4 I wanted to use. Having an obvious eye for his Z4 and being a talented photographer, Steve sent me too much eye candy to pore over, so I’ve decided to use 2 of his images for this week. After all, who am I to deny our readers of such glorious images?

Congrats Steve on a stunning Z4 and for making this week’s “Super Bild”

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