Video: BMW M3 stolen with OBD key cloning

Videos | October 21st, 2012 by 10
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Earlier this year we reported on a series of hi-tech theft in the UK that involved a large number of BMW vehicles. Highly trained thieves were accessing the BMW OBD II port and programming a blank key giving them full access to the car. The theft cases spread across UK and created concerns in the BMW community.

In September, BMW responded with a fix for BMWs built between 2007 and September 2011, and only for the X5 and X6 models. Other cars will get the upgrade by the end of the year. BMW offered some advice to owners on their website, including “Whereever possible park your car out of sight, in a locked garage or under the cover of CCTV cameras.”

But the heist has not stopped. A BMW owner reports his E92 M3 as being stolen by using the same OBD key cloning process. To show how the thieves operate, the M3 owner uploaded a couple of Youtube videos from his CCTV system.

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Part 1 – Key Cloning

Part 2 – Driving off