BMW Super Bild Of The Week: E24 Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe

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Alpina 6 750x500

Some cars are destined for classic status, others become legend. Today’s Super Bild showcases one such car. Based on the E24 6 Series, built from 1976 to 1989, the Alpina B7 (Phase 1) version started production in December of 1978 in very rare numbers (153 units) until production ended in February of 1982. The later cars (Phase 2) were built from 1984 until the chassis’ demise in 1989.

The car shown is one of the later built cars boasting some impressive updates to both drivetrain as well as appearance. How fast is the Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe? Performance: top speed is 166 mph, acceleration from 0- 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, and 1/4 mile time in 13 seconds. All from a 3.4 liter turbo charged inline-six cylinder producing a variable 326 horsepower. I say variable because the Alpine B7 Turbo coupe had variable boost from .6Bar of boost to .9Bar, giving its driver the flexibility of comfort around town driving to all out performance.

Aesthetically, Alpina includes the now customary front bumper apron for aerodynamic advantage of reducing the air drag around the front of the car. And we must not forget the now classic 19″ Alpina Classic wheels.

Alpina 6 655x491

One source for debate about not just this car but almost all Alpina (Classic and modern) are the customary stripes. Personally I don’t mind them when they’re on the right model, but some of the newer cars don’t lend well to being striped, especially the new B7 and B5.

Either way, anyone can appreciate the timeless design of the E24 affectionately dubbed “the Shark”, and even more so the Alpina version of it, they truly have attained legendary status in my eye.

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