BMW 4 Series: What To Expect

Rumors | October 8th, 2012 by 6
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For the first time since 1975, the BMW 3 Series family will split in two. In order to reposition its highest-seller family of bimmers, the Munich-based automaker will create a new model designation: 4 Series. The rebadged models will include the coupes, convertibles and a Gran Coupe model, all which BMW aims to sell at a higher price.

A similar strategy is currently being applied by Audi and its A4 and A5 models. In this case, the monetary difference between the sedan (A4) and the coupe (A5) is around $4,500.

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Technically, the new 4-series, despite its new nomenclature, will closely follow the F30 BMW 3 Series in terms to motoring options and packages. Just like in the 3 Series Sedan and Wagon, the 4 Series family will make use of four-cylinder engine, in both petrol and diesel variants. Customers looking for more power will have the option to choose 3.0 liter turbocharged engines.

The high-end model will be designated as 435i, in all three variants. An M Performance Automobile, such as M435i, may appear in the future as well.

The Gran Coupe model uses the same extended wheelbase platform that will be seen on the upcoming 3 Series GT. The four-door entry-level, yet premium coupe, will allow for more interior space.


Recent spy photos and videos point to a sleek coupe model that will become a viable alternative to the higher-end 6 Series Coupe, with character lines running across sides that will enhance not only its sportiness, but also a more luxurious and premium look. The 4 Series Coupe and Convertible are said to stand out even more from its siblings in the 3 Series family.

The BMW 4 Series coupe retains its B-pillar while the convertible also holds on to the retractable hardtop, as seen in the current generation. The 4 Series Coupe will be offered in three lines: Sports, Modern and Luxury. Each will differ from each other by offering distinct equipment options.

M-Power and M4

BMW is being secretive about the naming convention of the M3 Coupe and Convertible, but if we were to believe our sources, the company is pretty set on using the M4 badge for these two variants. The move makes even more sense now that a 4 Series nomenclature will be used.

The M3 and M4 models are said to stand out even more within their own families, with clearly distinctive design lines that will leave no error for mistaking them for “regular” 3 or 4 Series M Sport models.

Launch dates

The BMW 4 Series will come to market next summer as 2014 models. The M3 sedan will be revealed late next year but sales won’t start until early 2014. The M4 Coupe and Convertible will arrive in 2015, same as the 4 Series Gran Coupe.

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