Car and Driver: 2012 Audi A7 3.0T Quattro vs. 2013 BMW 640i Gran Coupe

6 Series | September 7th, 2012 by 68
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Car and Driver takes a stab at one of the most talked car comparison these days: BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe vs. Audi A7.

The U.S.magazine compares the 2012 Audi A7 3.0T Quattro against the 2013 BMW 640i Gran Coupe, both cars powered by a 3.0 liter engine. While BMW uses an inline-six turbocharged unit, the Ingolstadt-based automaker hides under the hood of the A7 a V6 supercharged unit developing 310 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. The 640i Gran Coupe outputs 315 horsepower at 5,800 rpm and 330 pound-feet of torque. In a recent comparison by CNET, the popular magazine surprisingly chose the A7 as the better car, despite describing the 6 Series Gran Coupe as a more compelling product.

Let’s have a look at the review by C&D:

2013 bmw 640i gran coupe and 2012 audi a7 30t quattro photo 470931 s 1280x782 655x400

But get it on a twisty two-lane, and the GC feels bigger and heavier than the A7, even more so than its extra 1.6 inches in length and 115 pounds would suggest. Expansion joints and rough pavement send shivers through the chassis and up your vertebrae. The electrically assisted power steering, as in most new BMWs, is short on feedback despite being precise and weighted to cornering loads.

With our test gear attached, the 640i achieved 60 mph in 5.4 seconds and ran the quarter-mile in 14.1 at 98 mph, about the same as BMW’s lighter 535i. Aggressive shifts in the sportier modes heighten the sense of acceleration, as does having 330 pound-feet of torque available at 1400 rpm. The A7, however, was slightly quicker in every acceleration test, and it stopped from 70 mph in eight fewer feet. Slalom speed and skidpad grip were about even between the two, as was observed fuel economy: The BMW, aided by a stop-start system, averaged 25 mpg over 600 miles to the A7’s 24.


The 4178-pound Audi ran to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds and through the quarter in 13.7 at 103 mph with little drama. Although both cars share the same transmission, the A7’s feels better programmed, and its shifts are smoother. Throttle response is even more aggressive than in the BMW, and the supercharged V-6 is always willing. Neither engine has the rumble of a V-8, but the Audi’s makes better noises when prodded.

In the end, it wasn’t even close. An A7 with many of the BMW’s gizmos can still approach 85 large, but the 640i would’ve needed a standard flux capacitor to stage a comeback. The A7 isn’t perfect, but it does more with less, winning most of our subjective categories despite its lower price. It may not weaken the knees like the Gran Coupe, but it’s still exceedingly pretty. And it doesn’t exact as dear a toll for its beauty.

Full review at Car and Driver

2012 audi a7 30t quattro and 2013 bmw 640i gran coupe photo 470943 s 1280x782 655x400

68 responses to “Car and Driver: 2012 Audi A7 3.0T Quattro vs. 2013 BMW 640i Gran Coupe”

  1. Geirge says:

    AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Audi owns BMW’s pathetic ass!!!!!
    So go hang yourselves, foolish BMW lovers!!!!!

    • Rick says:

      We’ll do that as soon as you finish your meal like your mommy told you to.

      • George says:

        I’ve finished with BMW, and I’m more than glad about it. Audi beats the pathtic BMW in every professional review, so it’s the major indicator of which brand is better.

    • Gras says:

      Well, you are a typical Audi lover my friend.. Always extremely happy when you read a rare review about Audi does “better” than the world leader in automobile engineering BMW. That’s pathetic!

      • Auto Fan says:

        Go and drink milk, idiot! This year Audi has already sold nearly as much as your pathetic BMW. And by 2013 at the latest Audi become the best-selling premium brand in the world. As for reviews, 4 out of 5 favour Audi. So go and hang yourself, asshole.

    • says:

      GO to hell Georgie boy, go kiss VW a#%. the car of tthe masses .= as#@. just what it means you are right, BMW will be a BMW no matter what, Audi is a VW,(cheap product) again BMW IS BMW not another product.

      • George says:

        Then 1000 more shames to the pathetic BMW, since it’s beaten in all aspects by that “cheap” Audi. Go and drink some milk, idiot, an maybe some day your brain will grow up.

        • says:

          You are a liar !! I claim that here and you hate BMW for some reason we dont know so to make it short I know a good Psychiatrist that can help you (maybe) to get out of your VW phobia and by the way I love Milk an Audi is and will be in the eyes of the people a cheap VW …….

  2. Auto Fan says:

    Looks like the new Gran Turismo is an absolute failure. A car at this price shouldn’t have such an awful ride comfort.
    Well, I can just congratulate Audi on becoming the best premium brand in the world. Even the old A7 beats the brand-new BMW with all respects. And the sales figures also suggest that more and more customers are switching to BMW, because Audi makes the best cars in its segment.

  3. Otto says:

    “the popular magazine surprisingly chose the A7 as the better car”
    I loooove the “surprisingly” haha.
    That’s precisely the reason why I keep reading your articles.

    About A7 kicking GC’s butt, it’s not surprise since the Audi is a AWD and they output the same power.
    Btw, seems like you guys in NA are only interested in 0-60 mph accelerations. I’m surprised that magazine did breaking tests, 1st time I read something about that. You should do more intermediate acceleration tests, closer to real life experience, like 40-70 mph acceleration tests or something like that. BMW’s RWD may match Audi’s AWD or even do better, just to comfort you ;)

    Imho, a comparison between the S7 and the GC 650i xDrive would’ve been more appropriate I believe. Not sure if the xDrive is or would be available in NA.

    Last, the A7 doesn’t look good on photos, like most of the Audi’s. But in flesh and bones that’s a completely different matter. The GC looks good on pix and doesn’t disappoint in the street.

    • George says:

      Only fools would compare luxurious Audi with Opel-status BMW. To me, there are 2 useless brands in the world: 1.BMW, 2.Opel. And customers seem to realize it as well, since more and more of them leave BMW in favour of Mercedes-Benz and especially Audi. So I hope BMW will soon run bankrupt since they deserve it with their useless models…models that aren’t the best at anything unlike Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

      • Otto says:

        I won’t be so extreme.
        BMW still does make good cars and is still a premium make. The problem is that BMW can’t rely on its higher “sportiveness touch” any more, which was the reason people would choose BMW over other premiums. These 2 last decades saw Audi, slowly but surely, catching up on BMW on that respect. Most of the Audi’s petrol engines top BMW’s in terms of yield (RS3 vs 1M, RS5 vs M3, new Audi’s 4L V8 turbocharged vs M5, etc.). Funny thing is to see that the only area where BMW is leading now is Diesel engines. The new M50d engine has a higher yield than the M5’s. Shameful.
        But Audi also increased their chassis sportiveness despite being FWD. They reduced the front hang-up, moved the gear box and the engine back, making their cars closer the the 50/50 weight ratio. The S/RS5 sends 60% of the torque to the real wheels as base setting. Meanwhile MB did a huge step forward with the release of the AMG 6.2L V8 and the turbocharged 5.5L V8. I never drove a AMG car but my “reference” sport car mag gives 5/5 to all the MB AMG cars, except the SLK and S/CL which get 4.
        The new M5 gets 3 and the E92 M3 gets 5. I never drove these 2 either.
        I could keep telling you about BMWs, having driven most of them since the mid 80’s but that would make a too long comment ;)
        But my humble opinion is that BMW can’t claim to be the sportiest premium make as they used to be.
        Even in terms of quality, which is the definition of a premium brand, BMW is disappointing. When the 1st 1 Series was released, I was looking for a compact city car. I liked the idea of a compact RWD car so I made a test drive of the 130i. Incredible feeling for a car of that class but the interior quality was also incredible. It didn’t even match the Golf. Unbelievable. I was so disappointed because the compact RWD idea stuck in my mind. Then a friend pointed out something else and I’m now the happy owner of a Mazda MX-5.
        The E90 that followed was also surprising. The perceived quality was lower than the E46. BMW fixed some points with the facelifts, especially with the E87 but damn, they carried the BMW badge.
        So basically, I would say BMW became a “normal” premium make, with no specificities, not because they lost something but because direct competitors caught up and that actual BMW fans are living in the past.

      • says:

        George you are a poor and very silly person, I really feel sorry for you and your poor life!!!! every time you see a BMW you must be so jealous of the leader and in your little brain who knows what you are thinking ? well you are the real thing A MORON !!!!! BYE georgie !!! BY THE WAY your best friend must be the other fool who calls himself auto fan , sorry Auto Fool !!!

        • George says:

          You live in dreams, moron, and we live in reality. And reality is too bitter for you, since Audi beats BMW in all fields, and will soon become the best-selling premium brand in the world. So eat shit, ridiculous BMW fan.

          • says:

            Stupid george drives a Audi the loser car kicked out of America, after being considered a dangerous car !!! its only a matter of time and it will happen again, Geogie go and learn the facts about the VW you drive.

          • George says:

            At least Audi doesn’t produce such a low-reliability acar as the E60. Look at poor crash test results and go hang yourself, asshole!!!!!

    • George says:

      Don’t get upset, Otto. The editor of this blog is another hopeless BMW fan, so I’m not surprised. Let them be surprised every time professional mags make reviews, since BMW doesn’t stand a chance. By the way, I have something for BMW fans: yesterday my friend’s A6 3.0TFSI kicked an F10 550i ass on a 120km trip which had both straight line races and curves to handle. And we got to the destination town 20 minutes earlier than the BMW. When he arrived he was so angry about uselessness of his “truck” that we had to treat him to an ice-cream. A 310hp Audi turns a 407hp BMW to dust. AS ALWAYS!!!!!

      • Horatiu B. says:

        You guys missed the point. Look at the review on CNET and they praise the 6 GC all the way then they pick the Audi. That was the point I tried to make.

        • Auto Fan says:

          They praise the A7 as well. And in the end, the A7 proves to be faster. I don’t have to mention the ride comfort, in which the 6 GT is worse than even VW Golf. Only fools will buy a car like 6 GC.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Did you drive the car?

          • George says:

            I don’t have to drive to have an opinion. The professional reviewers understand in cars much more than I do or you do. And BMW is the obvious loser out of the 3 premium German automakers, since BMW isn’t the best at anything. Let’s take this case. A car worth about USD90,000 shakes awfully when driven over small imperfections. And it’s your pathetic BMW which has no ride comfort at all. And it doesn’t have any serious sportiness. I don’t know whether you read my above-mentioned comment what a 310hp A6 did to your pathetic 400hp 550i on a 120km trip. Maybe BMW once used to be ultimate driving machine, but now it’s the ultimate loser machine. I have clear evidence. So now prove that BMW is as good as Audi. So, I’m waiting for facts, Horatiu. For a single fact…..Lover of a LOSER brand!

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Next time you use words like loser or other defamatory ones, your comments will be deleted.

            Just a fair warning. We welcome debates here but won’t tolerate language.

          • George says:

            So is this your fact? Thanks for admitting your defeat.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            No point to troll and argue.

          • George says:

            Well, Horatiu. I used to be a BMW fan as well. But then years passed and starting from 2010 I understood that BMW is just nothing. MB is the bet at quality and ride comfort, Audi is the best performer and handler. BMW? Nothing. Lags behind both. And that’s it.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            In some areas they do run behind Audi but I wouldn’t generalize now. M cars are still better. 3 series still a great car.

          • George says:

            They run behind in all areas. M cars are better? Even the S6 eats for breakfast the “mighty” M5. The A6 easily overruns “the pride” of the BMW family 5 Series. The RS5 ruins the “iconic” M5. So what areas is BMW better, Horatiu? Now I’m trying to get rid of my idiotic F10 535i in order to buy an Audi 3.0TFSI. Go over a small imperfection, and the whole cabin shakes in an awful way (like any BMW). Far behind the E-Class and especially the A6.
            All I want to say is that BMW is a foolish and loser brand.

          • wazon says:

            M cars are better?”

            Take a look at the track performance comparision between veteran M3 E92 and new born Audi RS4 Avant:

            So, are M-cars better or not? Do you belive that upcoming M3 will be slower than outgoing one?

            “Even the S6 eats for breakfast the “mighty” M5.Even the S6 eats for breakfast the “mighty” M5.”

            Any source? Where did this suppose to happen? Who did drive these cars? Just curious, because I haven’t heard of any track times of S6 so far and see that a difference in straight line performance between these cars is huge and in favour of M5.

          • Otto says:

            Try to be a bit honest.
            The Audi’s counter part of the E92 M3 is the RS5, not the RS4. RS4 shares the same engine and platform but is less “typed” than the RS5, being meant to be a sporty family car.
            Reviews give S6/S7 above M5/M6, that’s a fact.
            The main issue with the M5 is its brakes. They vanish after 2 laps on a 4 km length track.
            A xDrive version of the M5/M6 with CC brakes will get my attention though.
            About track time, wait a bit, S6 has just been released. If you want to laugh a bit, or cry, compare Maserati GranTurismo lap times with F10 M5 on that site. Why GranTurismo? Because it’s priced as M6, with 100 less hp and 200 less kg. It still badly kicks the M5. As you guess, no F12 M6 lap times are available yet and I don’t expect it to reverse the ranking. But don’t worry, BMW will sell his M6, thanks to people like you.
            Don’t get me wrong. I always found these cars a complete non sense. They’re far too heavy to be categorised as “sport car” or even GT whether it’s M5, S6, E 63 or XFR. They must be seen as what they are : high end luxury versions of the models they’re based on. Upgraded equipments, upgraded holstry, upgraded engine with upgraded drivetrains to withstand the power. Or as a make showcase, flagship, whatever. I don’t think many of their owners bring them to the track if none.
            Talking about the upcoming M3/M4, from what I read, it will just match the current RS5 in power output and will certainly be “overtorqued” which personally I dislike.
            Btw, I like that website, lean, straight to the point but it’s not up to date by far.

          • George says:

            “The main issue with the M5 is its brakes. They vanish after 2 laps on a 4 km length track.” Yes, Otto, you’re right. This is BMW’s perception of how the super sedan should be. It should have no brakes. HA-ha-ha-ha-ha. Simply pathetic. That’s on of many reasons why I say that BMW is one of the 2 useless automotive brands in the world. The other one is Opel, but I guess Opel is much better than BMW, at least quality-wise.

          • wazon says:

            Ok, so what about comaprision between M3 e90 and brand new RS4 Avant:
   ? Do you consider them not to be competitors either? I find them competitors, because actually numbers of people hesitate between sedan and wagon. And again it’s BMW which is better in this comparision.

            If you instist on comparing m3 e92 with RS5, I am ok with it. What’s the result? They are comparable but still in favour of M3, I mean at the most of tracks it’s M3 that’s faster. Take into account that RS5 has appeared 3 years later than m3 e92 and you have a real picture of the difference between these two brands. 3 years old construction is keep going with brand new product from Audi (in case of M3 vs RS5) and 5 years old construction (isn’t it the whole generation in motorization?!) deals with brand new Audi (in case of comparision between m3 e90 and new RS4 Avant).

            “Reviews give S6/S7 above M5/M6, that’s a fact.”
            Which reviews? Give the source. Actually, M5 is the fastest car in its class (at least as far as we doesn’t count 4 door coupe Panamera as sedan), so I am curious to learn more about your journalists.

            “The main issue with the M5 is its brakes. They vanish after 2 laps on a 4 km length track.”

            Please, don’t make me laugh. Its brakes should vanish after 8km of track racing and somehow this car deals with above 20 km Nordschleife without its brakes vanishing. Just wonder, where did you hear about this problem, which no one (perhaps besides your journalists) has never noticed?

            “compare Maserati GranTurismo lap times with F10 M5 on that site. Why GranTurismo? Because it’s priced as M6, with 100 less hp and 200 less kg.”

            This Maserati is praktically two seater, because of lack of leg room at rear seats. Why do you find it to be competitor with M5 or even M6? In both of them, you can take a comfortable joruney with four people on a board. Do you can do any such thing with Grantourismo? No.

            But setting all these aside I did compare Granturismo with M5 f10 and the last one is faster: At least, faster than the maserati for which this site has track times. So, what’s your point? Add that M6 is usually faster than M5, so it should look even better for m6. But you assume that it will be slower. That’s strange.

            “They must be seen as what they are : high end luxury versions of the models they’re based on.”

            Yes, there are high luxury and so on, but what’s the reason for which m-cars are created and for which RS cars are created? Performance, right?If the luxury was the sole point, automakers will be happy with their top models, finding no reason for investing in track oriented sedans and coupes. So, in case of M-cars and RS-cars we should talk about their performance.

            “I don’t think many of their owners bring them to the track if none.”

            I heard that in case of m3 owners is something around half of them who take it on a track, so it’s not bad. But the crucial point here is why does it matter what people do with their cars? Why in assessing cars shouldn’t we pay more attention to what they was supposed to be created for? Significant numbers of cars from Ferrari, Porsche and so on will never be taken on the track, but is this a reason for abstracting from their track performance when you compare these cars and try to assess the successfulness of their constractions? Rather not, right? I find your logic quite suprising here, because from the fact that some people choose wrong car for his/her needs, you try to conclude that on this basis we should assess these cars from the perspective of people who made ill choices. Hard to agree with that.

          • Otto says:

            Well, well, well, it’s getting boring dude.
            The only fair comparison between the RS4 Avant and a BMW would be a E91 M3 which is not available. Stations have a higher centre of gravity so don’t compare them with Sedan.
            Read Horatiu’s articles and you’ll see the reviews give S6/S7 above M5/M6.
            As I said, that site is not up to date. And you picked up the wrong version. The newly GT S outputs 460 hp now, not 433. The 450 hp GranTurismo S laps the 4km Bugatti track at Le Mans 1 sec faster than the M5. M6 is only 25 kg lighter than the M5. Wait for the 460 hp release to lap.
            The GranTurismo has the same length and rear leg room than the M6, if not more. You’re certainly mistaking it with the Gran Coupe. The GranTurismo is genuine 4 seater GT with enough boot space to carry their luggage. So does the GranCabrio.
            M3 owners, especially Germans ones do bring their car to the track. Never saw or heard of a M5 owner doing so.
            What’s the point of buying a high perfs car if it’s to drive it at street legal speed? To do burn outs at the traffic lights? To show that you’ve got be biggest of the neighbourhood?
            Do you mean that big/high perfs car owners have a small one?
            Hence the M5 and its counter being a non sense.

            M Dept, as that Jalopnik editor said is not what it was meant for any more. There were only 2 genuine M cars : The M1 and the E30 M3. Unlike the M Dept, Quattro Gmbh never claimed to be the sport Dept of Audi. Same for AMG. They “just” tune up production models.

          • wazon says:

            The GranTurismo has the same length and rear leg room than the M6, if not more. You’re certainly mistaking it with the Gran Coupe. The GranTurismo is genuine 4 seater GT with enough boot space to carry their luggage. So does the GranCabrio.”

            Started to wonder whether you’ve seen granturismo. You say that the legroom at photo 1 is comparable in size to legroom at photo 2, right? I feel that we loose common ground for further discussion.

            Photo 1:;
            photo 2:

            As for the RS4 vs m3 e90 case. Sedan version of A4 weights 50 kg less than avant version. It affects the performance for sure, but to what degree? Even if new rs4 sedan will be 2 sec. faster than avant at each track (roughly, that’s the relation between rs4 b7 and rs4 b7 avant), it doen’t seem to be enough for dealing with upcoming m3. It’s actually enough for dealing outgoing m3 e90. How many seconds can you steal by reducting mass by around 50 kg and making the center of gravity a bit lower? Two seconds? Perhaps. More? I doubt.

            “And you picked up the wrong version. The newly GT S outputs 460 hp now, not 433. The 450 hp GranTurismo S laps the 4km Bugatti track at Le Mans 1 sec faster than the M5.”

            Sorry, can’t find the time you’re talking about. 460ps version has no track times results at this website. These is only tunned
            Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale, which is faster at few tracks than m5 f10, but this car is of m3 gts kind, not regular sporty coupe or sedan. So, to which results do you refer? May I except any link to them?

          • George says:

            Read the reviews between the M5 and S6, idiot, and just then make such idiotic comments. The non-RS S6 beats the “mightiest” BMW sedan. I expected nothing else from foolish BMW.

          • Otto says:

            “M cars are still better”
            It’s not true Horatiu and you know it. The only M that outperforms its competitors is the X5M/X6M.
            You know that the RS5 matches the M3.
            To comfort you a bit, having driven them both at street legal speed, the 1M gives a slightly better feeling than the RS3 but only because of that bloody lazy Haldex AWD system.
            The M5/M6 are total failure cause they have no brakes and you should know it by now.
            Well, I just read a M6 review and it brakes, what the hell ?!?!
            Haa, it has optional Carbon/Ceramic brakes, despite BMW swearing a year ago they won’t introduce CC brakes but will offer optional “racing” brakes (being fully aware they failed it). I guess they rushed to a 3rd part provider and didn’t do any internal R&D.
            I’m also somewhat surprised that more and more reviews give S6/S7 above M5/M6. I would expect the upcoming RS versions to do the job but that’s worrying. Rumour has it that their turbocharged 4L V8 engine will output at least 550 hp, meaning 10 less hp for 400 less cc. Once again, Audi will top BMW in terms of yield.
            I agree about the 3 Series being a great car. The E91 320d was the perfect family car, I really liked it. Better than the “overtorqued” 330d and 335d.
            Then Audi released the A4 B8 a couple of years later. Certainly the biggest step up between 2 gens for a car of its segment. The unpleasant feeling of the FWD versions was almost gone. The AWD versions had the same feeling as a RWD. Really impressive. Amazing work has been done on that car.
            I have to admit I haven’t driven a F30 yet, that will come but I’m not really looking forward to it.

          • DanielJamesCowan says:

            “I don’t have to drive to have an opinion.”
            Or a brain to type evidently.

      • Horatiu B. says:

        Professional mags? Define that please.

        • George says:

          Car and Driver, for instance. They understand much more in cars yhan you do. Something obvious is somehow “surprising” for you. You’ll have to learn much from them.

      • says:

        Georgie you are a pathetic lier !!! try iy with my M3 anytime anywhere and then eat your words wHAT A LOSER !!! how old are you 13?

      • says:

        Georgie you are a pathetic lier !!! try iy with my M3 anytime anywhere and then eat your words wHAT A LOSER !!! how old are you 13?

      • trillionblaze says:

        george, sorry. you are just a poor boy with nothing in your brain.matured wealthy men who know what respect stands for will always do what will give them the respect, everybody on earth knows that BMW & BENZ are the only cars that command respect. what will a billionaire like me be doing on the road in the name of competing with ordinary audi, no shape, no respect, no prestige. i rate audi with cars like peugeot, toyota avalon even orders respect more than ur audi. say what you like, when it comes to race, either in advert or game or live: BMW lives above audi………………….

    • George says:

      Otto, in that same test the A7 left the 6 Gran Coupe far behind. Open the test sheet and you’ll get surprised at how faster the A7 is…and at the same time having much better ride comfort. So which idiot will buy a 6 Series Gran Coupe?

  4. S54 says:

    Audi/MB people, gorge yourselves on this.
    1. BMW $24.6
    2. Toyota $21.8
    3. Mercedes $16.1
    4. Honda $12.7
    5. Nissan $9.9
    6. VW $8.5
    7. Ford $7.0
    8. Audi $4.7
    9. Hyundai $3.6
    10. Lexus $3.4

    Yes BMW is the most valuble car brand in the world, and whats that, BMW ranks better than Audi?? The one whos set to usurp BMW as the the best premium car brand in the world?? How can this be possibly be explained???????????

    • Otto says:

      What are these figures? Share’s value?
      Know that it means nothing. Only value increase or decrease mean something on that matter.
      And know that the most profitable make in the world is Porsche, a subsidiary of VW.

    • Auto Fan says:

      This has nothing in common with the topic. In every review Audi hopelessly kicks BMW’s ass, and sales-wise Audi will do the same by the end of 2013 at latest. So stop talking nonsense, idiot. Toyota is on the 2nd place, so is it better than Mercedes? If you think so, than you’re an absolute feeble-minded moron.

      • says:

        Auto Idiot you know nothing except to insult us with your loser VW mind go to your VW blog because we dont lower our level .

  5. F12M6 says:

    Wow, there are some seriously immature, and obnoxious people on here…(Otto, George, Auto Fan). You guys should really get a life. Lol..

    Fyi Audis global sales number look good b/c they sell so many sub-premium A1 to inflate sales numbers. The A1 has a starting price only 2k higher than a Polo, and is nearly 3K cheaper than a Cooper. Audi sells over 100K A1 a year in Europe and Asia. BMW, does not have a car that far down market with a BMW badge on it. The cheapest BMW is the 1 series, and that still starts higher than the A3. Take away the 100+K A1, and Audi would be battling for a distant third with Mercedes. In short BMW sells more premium vehicles…that are also AWD or RWD only. And BMW is Independent…Also seriously what kind of losers root for the large corporate conglomerate, that produces cookie cutter AWD, I’m sure you guys drive 1.8T Jettas, and fantasize about bigger faster jettas (Audis)..

    Also referencing ring times is fairly irrelevant. These times are set years apart I’m many instances, by different driver, with diff tires, and different weather conditions….the variables are endless. Please only reference lap times on tracks set on the same day by the same drive, Thanks.

    • Auto Fan says:

      Your foolish 1 Series isn’t much pricier, idiot. At least search for prices and have your idiotic mouth shut.

      • F12M6 says:

        The A1 starts at 16K in Germany, and the 1 series starts at 23K…You should take your own advise.

        • George says:

          Who cares? Audi A1 is still a premium car. BMW just don’t have enough balls to make a real competitor since they know it would be another humiliation by Audi.

          • F12M6 says:

            And the cheapest A3 also starts at 17K. 4K is a big diff. especially in that price range. BMW does make a A1 competitor it’s called the Mini which drives much better than the A1. BMW just doesn’t stick a bmw badge on it to tarnish the brand…which Audi seems to have no problem doing with a rebadged Polo.

          • F12M6 says:

            Also the price differences in Germany are much larger the A1 starts at 16K , and the A3/1 sereies at 23K.

          • DanielJamesCowan says:

            A1 is a premium Volkswagen (oxymoron).

        • George says:

          In The UK the A1 starts at about GBP13,000, and the pathetic 1 Series at about GBP 17,000. So the difference isn’t so big, you asshole!

  6. George says:

    You wanted proof, idiotic BMW lovers. Take it:

    August 2012 January-August 2012
    BMW 102,730 units 963,110 units
    MB 91,316 units 841,567 unitsAudi 108,100 units 961,000 units.So eat shit, BMW, because Audi has narrowed the gap to about 2,000 units and will surely become the best-selling premium automaker this year instead of 2020 as they were claiming. Another proof of how much better Audi is over the pathetic BMW.

    • Auto Fan says:

      It seems that more and more people are reading our reasonable comments and get rid of their foolish BMWs to get the best, i.e. Audi.
      Like you said: “Eat shit, pathetic BMW fans!!!!!!”.
      BRAVO, AUDI !!!!!!!!! KEEP ON OWNING BMW’S ASS!!!!!

      • George says:

        My friend,
        One must be at least drunk to lower Audi to Tatra-status BMW. And these blog’s readers are absolute stupid morons, so I don’t give a s*** about their comments.

    • F12M6 says:

      I’m not sure if its immaturity or insecurity that you feel the need to waste your time on a BMW fan site, b/c your not changing anyone’s perception of a brand. You really need to get a life, or just grow up. I hope you do not represent all Audi fans, b/c that would be sad.

    • Dude says:

      People like yourself are of the reasons Audi will never be a true premium brand.

  7. D3L says:

    Yes the A7 is nice looking and according to this article is a better value than the BMW GT 6. But when it comes to value upon resale between Audi and BMW, BMW holds value every time and Audi owners gets hosed when it is time to resale.

  8. trillionblaze says:

    whether in advert, game or live: BMW lives above audi. the only cars i recognize on this earth are BMW & MB. longevity, durability, reliable, respect etc, they own them. no matter what the audi is made of, it is still an audi, no respect, valueless. if u ar looking for speed go for enzo, veryon and the many time do you see a bmw lover going to other car site when they have everything? why do you keep coming here? because BMW is the pacesetter, can you denial the fact that audi try to match BMW in everything, why not vice versal?

  9. mjolnir says:

    lol the amount of trolls here is hilarious XD

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