Video: Drivers crashes E46 M3 into rocks

Videos | August 23rd, 2012 by 12
kid crashes bmw m3

A spirited drive aboard an E46 BMW M3 ends up with the car sitting atop some rocks in Phoenix, Arizona. A teenager gets behind his …

A spirited drive aboard an E46 BMW M3 ends up with the car sitting atop some rocks in Phoenix, Arizona. A teenager gets behind his sporty M3 and after misjudging a corner on some tight roads, crashes the car, luckily with no injuries.

Accidents are prone to happen, and in some way or another, it might have happened to many of us, but with video cameras now more accessible than ever (GoPro for example), these crashes now end up on Youtube and in front of million of viewers.

In the end, we hope that not only the fortunate driver learned something from this mistake, but also those of us watching from our computers. Always drive with caution and remember that DSC has to stay ON and proper braking doesn’t necessary make you slower.

kid crashes bmw m3

Raw footage, includes slowmo of crash
Location: South Mountain Park, Phoenix, AZ

Driver Description: (19yr old driving E46 M3)
“Well it happened at South Mountain park in Phoenix AZ. One of my buddies and I were out just having fun and driving until I came up on a deceptive corner, misjudged it and it happened. No injuries. The car was a total loss. Misjudgment of the road caused the accident.”

12 responses to “Video: Drivers crashes E46 M3 into rocks”

  1. Shawn Hawaii says:

    Thankfully your window was open and you didn’t smack your head. Also, the balance of these E46 M3 are so good, I wonder if that’s what kept you from flipping over. Totally shitty outcome, but at least you walked away!

  2. Mateo says:

    too much EFLC spirit – live hard party harder!

  3. Sajan says:

    camber and the gradient of the road means EVERYTHING. Proceed with caution if you’re not sure of the road ahead. Too many stories about young adults having bad accidents in high powered BMWs

  4. BMW BEST says:

    Another idiot kid,learn how to drive before you sitting into a monster BMW!!Moron!

  5. LaMa says:

    wow… flew into the rocks :-) kid was lucky. well not so lucky but alive.
    wrong hand placement on the wheel, total lack of defensive driving,
    went into a blind corner which had a drop at full speed, total mess.
    Racing is for a track not street roads. Crossed over the median in every
    corner, even in a blind corners. Total lack of respect !
    learn from it and sign up for a driving school program or two. Its cheaper to
    pay for track time and drivings schools then having one accident like this (totally lucky accident)
    SCCA and BMWCCA both have many many track programs from novice to pro. It sounds expensive at first, but believe me, those are cheap compare to this.

  6. Atlanta_Racer says:

    Christ, that kid needs some track lessons. I’ve never seen such poor driving.

  7. steelydan says:

    what an idiot. learn how to drive on a less hazardous road first.

    driving in a real car isn’t a video game.

  8. Rob says:

    He pretty much did nothing to steer away from the rocks.

  9. steve says:

    DSC has to stay on? hahahahaha…nope.

  10. Auto Fan says:

    Only such fools can drive BMW. Kings drive Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

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