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Everyone knows the M3 is the benchmark when it comes to what a daily driven sports car should be. It’s fast, agile, has a rear …

Everyone knows the M3 is the benchmark when it comes to what a daily driven sports car should be. It’s fast, agile, has a rear seat for the times when you need to accommodate guests but most importantly it’s 100% a track star.

But when I ask enthusiasts about their favorite M3 model, the responses I received are mixed. Most will agree that the E30 M3 generation is the perfect car; power-to-weight ratio, size, but most importantly the lack of electronic nannies make the E30 M3 a true driver’s car.

But for those that see the E30 M3 as lacking in ultimate performance, keep in mind that after all this is nearly a 30 year old car, and if you want more all around performance, the E92 M3 satisfies all your speed needs.

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So here is a question I pose to the BMWBLOG readership, if you had a three car garage and could choose from all five generations of M3 (including the soon to come F80 M3) which one would you have?

I’ll start. First I would definitely have the E30 M3 EVO for my weekend jaunts through my favorite mountain passes. Next I would want an E46 M3 as my dedicated track car. The combination of chassis balance and high revving S54 inline-six lends well to being an excellent track weapon. Finally, I would have to say that from what I’ve been hearing and reading about the next generation F80 M3, it would be the perfect daily driver. The combination of technology, new EfficientDynamics 3.2 liter inline-six turbo engine, and liberal use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) to help lower the weight should make the next generation M3 a stellar world class performer and help BMW retain the title of benchmark in the class.

Sound off in the comments section as to which 3 M3s you would have residing in your garage.

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4 responses to “BMW Super Bild Of The Day: BMW M3 Family”

  1. BK says:

    Classic: E36 M3. Learned to work on cars with an E36 325, learned to handle a car with it, and am not old enough to have fully appreciated the E30 when it was around.

    Daily Driver: E90 M3. The 2 door is nice and is quite the monster, but the 4 door is such a beaut in its own right and makes an even better DD. In black on BBS LMs, it’s close to perfect.

    The E46 coupe would have to be my favorite. It’s a dream car, and I’ve known for years what mine would look like. It’d be my classic for years to come.

  2. Lemonjelly says:

    E46 M3: as a nice track car
    E90 M3: as a weekend car (I own one in zcp, 6mt, and absolutely love the V8).
    F80 M3: as a daily car.

  3. RND1 says:

    E36M3: Own one in Estoril Blue w/ Black interior, 5 sp coupe. Currently restoring it to the way it was the day it was born in June 1998. Love the dimensions, m-tech sport seats, driver oriented seating position, sound and torque of the 3.2 inline 6 from 4k to redline, and relatively minimalist electronics. If I had a 3 car garage, I would add a sedan and vert!

    E46M3: Dedicated Track Car.

    F80M3: Hard top convertible Daily Driver.

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