Spy Shots: Next Generation BMW X5

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The third-generation BMW X5 will make its debut in 2014 and test mules are currently being tested both in Europe and on U.S. soil. A …

The third-generation BMW X5 will make its debut in 2014 and test mules are currently being tested both in Europe and on U.S. soil. A heavily camouflaged prototype was spotted by our reader Romain in Germany near Miramas, France, where BMW has a testing facility.

Built under the internal codename F15, the new BMW X5 will feature more flowing character lines and sculpted surfaces that will broaden the design of the X family.

At the front end, the new X5 will feature a more imposing kidney grille, larger and wider than in the current model. The headlights will get the LED treatment and the shape is rumored to mimic the one seen on the recently unveiled F30 3 Series sedan.

The taillights will be slightly redesigned and now have more depth to surfaces and are less wrapped around the body.

From the side, the character line is being enhanced, following the design seen on the new X3. We also expect to see more convex/concave shapes with 3D layering enhancing its masculine look.

Size wise, the new X5 will maintain the current dimension of the premium SAV.

Under the hood, the F15 X5 will feature both petrol and diesel units, as well as the ActiveHybrid technology with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder diesel engine. The internal combustion engine is aided by a 15 kilowatt electric motor that ads another 17 horsepower on top of the 204 already delivered by the diesel power unit.

8 responses to “Spy Shots: Next Generation BMW X5”

  1. RacecarBMW says:

    Wasn’t it rumored the X5 would grow in size?

    Also what does everyone think BMW will do with X5M and X6M? Do you think they will make new ones again or just cancel them?

  2. Giom says:

    By my reckoning, this model will be a revolutionary design. Brand new design language. Should be awesome!

    Regarding X models, my opinion is that BMW will continue with the M models.

  3. LaMa says:

    looks like the current X5. seems like a re-fresh only. same shape nothing new. but then again aren’t most crossovers are the same with a small detail changes ? hard to do anything new with a boxy shape.
    Range Rover pulled it off with the evoque.

  4. mark says:

    i am planing in buying a 2014 x5d but I sure hope we can get the 45d or equal to it .. and larger towing cap. since our diesel trucks here in the US suck to much fuel

  5. Jim Chou says:

    Wish it had more utility than sport like MB GL- a current 335i owner.

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