Hidden away in BMW M’s secret underground garage is a host of “never have been” cars. BMW produces concept cars, some of which are 100% production ready and completely functional. Some have seen the light of the show circuit, others have not. In the latter bucket we have some touring versions of M3s, an X5 powered by an S62 V8 from an E39 M5, and then this gem, the E34 based M5 cabriolet.

The E34 M5 is legendary to myself because it’s the car that cemented my love for the M5. After having driven it back in 1995, I found the car to be an anomaly. It wasn’t supposed to handle like a much smaller car. It was fast, agile, and had an amazing ability to shrink around you, a descriptive usually reserved for small sports cars, not family sedans that hold four comfortably and a boot full of luggage.

bmw m5 cabriolet 101 655x400

So what if BMW had built a coupe or convertible version of the E34? What would it look like? But more importantly why didn’t BMW build it?

Well, it would look like today’s Super Bild. The long and sleek transformation of the E34 hidden away in BMW M secret garage lends well to it’s natural body lines and with the top down, looks down right perfect! I’m not sure what impact on driving characteristics are since the roof was eliminated and I’m sure it played into some of the reasons BMW never built it, but I sure would like to have a drive in it. Are you reading this BMW??

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[Source: BMWBLOG]