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Rumors | June 17th, 2012 by 18
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Is BMW M7 in the works? Latest reports seem to indicate that a flagship M7 could make its way into production in the upcoming years. …

Is BMW M7 in the works? Latest reports seem to indicate that a flagship M7 could make its way into production in the upcoming years. For many years, the sportiest offering in the 7 Series family has been the ALPINA B7, a tuned up 7 Series that, performance wise, comes close to what an M7 would look like.

The Munich-automaker isn’t officially acknowledging the M7, but BMWNA CEO Ludwig Wilisch told TheDetroitBureau that an M7 flagship M model remains on the table as a viable competitor to the Audi S8 and Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG.

“Until now, the Bavarian maker has said it would not do an M version of its flagship model but that sentiment appears to be changing, especially with Willisch’s counterpart in China also lending his support” says the report by TheDetroitBureau.

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Just recently we also learned that the “M7” moniker was registered by BMW as a trademark.

Ahead of further rumors and news, rendering artist Roger Lighterness gives us a sample of how the M7 design could turn out.

18 responses to “Rendering: BMW M7”

  1. Giom says:

    I think a M7 will do very well in the market place. All ///M cars are popular. Just don’t hold back on the M look!

  2. Dimitrij says:

    Like it, like it ohhhh like it !!!!!

  3. Not-any-more BMW afn says:

    Where was BMW, when Mercedes was making S63 and S63 AMG? BMW will never even come close with its foolish ridiculous m7.

    • realtrevor says:

      Ever heard of a BMW 760Li?

    • l24edr says:

      Waaaah waaaah, stupid moaning crybaby.

    • bmw Fan says:

      i think you need to look at the video on youtube, then you will know what a 760li really is “you tyrant”.

    • BMW BEST says:

      Try to search on youtube “Top gear BMW 760LI vs S63 AMG”,many pathetic mercedes fans like you said why not try S65,why not try S600 bla bla bla.But they don’t realize that the BMW 760 is only a normal version but the S63 is AMG version which mean should be more power than 760,but still defeated by BMW.Now I know how foolish the AMG is,they always humiliated by BMW!

  4. Blam414JP says:

    If they do make the M7, the front, I believe, is going to have more swoops and curves. It seems a little blank. This is just a guess sample so I really can’t judge.

  5. Not-any-more BMW fan says:

    S65 AMG rules the world!!!!!

  6. auaq says:

    2015 M7: 7.0l 750hp/1200nm V12 quad-turbo
    0-60: 3.4s
    0-120: 7.1s
    Top speed: 370km/h

    Fuel economy: as if I care!

    • viper says:

      ha-ha. that is fantasy at its best , it’s more sci-fi than transformes 4 , bmw never , does not have , will never have anything above 6.0 ever again and 750hp is tuning territory and V12 is almost with dinosaurs and the top speed could never be reached with a 2+ ton car , you would need to have WELL over 1000hp for 7er and 350kmh+.

  7. Flaviu says:

    BMW M7 will have 6.0l V12 twin-turbo, 500kw (680 HP) 0-100 aprox 4 sec

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