Renderings: Could BMW M9 be a sharp competitor for Mercedes-Benz CL luxury coupe?

Rumors | June 4th, 2012 by 26
bmw m9 design radion 106 750x500

Those of you who remember the BMW M1 supercar certainly will disagree this idea of a luxury coupe built by BMW. Maybe it would be more appropriate a real central mounted engine new generation BMW M1, as an answer to Audi R8 instead a big coupe to rival the Merc’s CL.

But let’s not be reluctant because there are new rumors around an M7 model coming down the alley. If the Bavarians want a big sporty limo, why not a big sporty coupe, more exclusive than the wonderful new BMW M6? Well, this is what Romanian young designer Razvan Radion wants with this very interesting BMW M9.

bmw m9 design radion 104 655x491

As you can see BMW M9 is more about style and luxury than sportiness, but somehow the designer manage to keep most of the things that tell you, from every angle, that’s a real BMW right in front your eyes.

Razvan also mention Ferrari 612 Scaglietti as a source to outline the beautiful lines a Gran Touring should have and to preserve the conventional style of such a car. Click here for more photos of this BMW M9.

Not a single word about the mechanics, because Razvan is a designer, not an engineer, but it’s really simple to figure that the platform of this BMW M9 would be the same of the flagship 7 Series. Why not?