BMW Super Bild Of The Day: BMW 1M with Brembo CCM-R brakes

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1M Dakar yellow and brembo CCMR1 750x500

We knew the BMW 1M was going to be hugely popular with the tuning and track enthusiast and we almost immediately saw a flood of tuning options from a host of varying companies in Germany as well as the US.

But you can never finish a proper “tune” without a set of upgraded brakes to stop your freshly tuned BMW 1M, so the folks at Brembo Spa just installed a set of their new CCM-R Carbon Ceramic brakes on this Dakar Yellow project BMW 1M (more on this car to come).

The Brembo CCM-R disc features the following:

1M Dakar yellow and brembo CCMR1 655x436

  • High thermal conductivity (400-degrees Centigrade, 752-degrees Fahrenheit) and maximum braking power, typical of a Formula One carbon disc;
  • Durability and versatility, the key features of carbon ceramic material for road use.

It also is designed for use in conjunction with traditional organic or ceramic friction materials.

The experience acquired from making carbon discs for F1 racing, combined with use of computational fluid dynamics modeling techniques, has led to the definition of a venting system for the Brembo CCM-R that “ensures operating temperature will be controlled with maximum efficiency, under any dynamic condition,”

Hat tip: Scott Villeneuve

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[Source: Brembo]